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We are excited to begin working with your team on the important tasks to complete your OnBoard configuration. This resource provides an overview for customers who are following a self-guided implementation as well as those with a package that includes dedicated implementation services.

Training Resources:

  • Within OnBoard, the Help area of the main navigation menu contains a Getting Started tour, Use Cases with guided walk-throughs, and access to the full Help Center where you can search and find articles and videos.

  • As you navigate through the OnBoard platform, watch for "?" icons and click on them for definitions and tips for the product.

As you work toward rolling out the meeting management software, here are the items you will want to focus on:

Initial Milestones and Tasks:

  1. Review Organization Info and Organization-Wide Settings to make selections for your security and features
  2. Share the article of What Sites to Allow through Your Firewall with your IT to ensure OnBoard and its affiliated service providers will not be blocked
  3. Become familiar with Permissions to ensure you are maximizing and aligning them to your goals and the Board’s needs
  4. Prepare your Directory and creating Groups for each Committee and the full Board
  5. Work through the process and features around creating and publishing a Meeting
  6. Utilize the Setup Remote Meeting feature
  7. Review how meeting attendees can use the Annotation features
  8. Create Meeting Minutes and reviewing how to route for review (available in Premium and Ultimate Packages; Legacy Productivity Suite feature)
  9. Understand Meeting Brief Emails and Notifications to ensure you know when they will be triggered and how they will be delivered
  10. Audit your existing repository and organizing them under Resources
  11. Plan your Dashboard for initial launch and how to use strategically going forward
  12. Consider implementing Public Posting (add-on feature)
  13. Review the advanced features and note planned use cases and appropriate timing for when you would like to roll out

Looking ahead, we will continue with any outstanding items from the above list and also be planning for the launch.

  1. Testing and getting early feedback 
  2. Preparing a communication using our email templates
  3. Enabling committee liaisons to contribute directly to meetings in OnBoard
  4. Determining when you want to offer training for your board members, officers, senior leaders, and other stakeholders
  5. Sending invitations from OnBoard for users to activate their accounts
  6. Completing your first meeting with OnBoard (readiness checklist)
  7. Arranging a debrief with me to set future goals after the initial launch
  8. Configuring user Roles and Terms for visualizations and reminders
  9. Introducing and using Actions to support meeting activities (available as add-ons to Essentials, included with Premium, Ultimate and legacy Governance Suite)
  10. Taking collaboration to the next level with our Messenger, Shared Annotations, and Task Management features (included in Premium and Ultimate packages; legacy Collaboration and Productivity Suite features)

Please keep this checklist handy for our calls to review your progress!



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