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OnBoard contains a task-management feature that will help keep your meetings and its attendees on track. With the Tasks feature, anyone (including non-administrators) will be able to create a Task and assign it to whomever they wish. Choose to designate users or Groups as Assignee, Viewers, or even link your task to a Meeting. 


Default Task Panel View

Clicking the Tasks button in the main navigation along the side of the screen will result in a few different behaviors. The trick comes down to what you are viewing immediately before clicking the Tasks button. In most locations, clicking Tasks will slide out the panel that shows a list of tasks that you personally have been set as the Assignee. 


However, clicking the Tasks button in the navigation while viewing a Meeting in OnBoard, your default Tasks view will automatically pull up all of the tasks related to the meeting you're on. 


Regardless of which view you see initially, you will always have the opportunity to click the Back arrow at the top of the tasks panel to view a different set of Tasks.  Also, keep in mind that you will only be able to see a task in this list if you've been marked as the Task's Assignee or the Viewer. 

Full Tasks List

Clicking the back button at the top of the Task panel will bring you to the list of viewable Task Categories. Click into any of these categories to see a full list of Tasks associated with that view.


Assigned To Me - These are the tasks you are responsible for working on and completing. You have the ability to edit any information within this task, including its description, due date, status, priority, assignee list (you can even remove yourself), and viewer list. 

Assigned To Others - These are the tasks you have been granted access to monitor as a Viewer. Unless you're also listed as the Task's Assignee, you won't be responsible for completing this task. However, you can periodically check its progress and make any of the same edits that the Assignee can, such as changing the task's description, due date, status, priority, assignee list and viewer list. 

Due Today / Due This Week - These are tasks that of which you've been identified as either an assignee or a viewer that have upcoming due dates within the day/week. 

Completed - A sortable list of tasks of which you've been identified as either an assignee or a viewer that have been marked as completed. 

Groups / Meetings With Tasks - An entire group of users can be assigned as an assignee or viewer of a Task. This location is a collapsible list of Groups that have had a Task associated with them. The same is true for our Meetings with Tasks location, except we can only link a Meeting to a Task. We still need to assign it to a specific user or group to complete. 


Open In Full Screen

The Task Panel that pops in from the side is a nice compact view of your Task lists, but if you'd prefer to expand everything to the full width of the screen, click the Open In Full Screen button at the bottom of the panel. We still have all of the same capabilities and controls from this view, there is just a little more screen real-estate to work with!


Creating a New Task

Any user in OnBoard can create a new Task. Tasks can be created in a few different locations inside the Tasks panel. Just like we mentioned earlier, the location the Task is created from will determine what sort of information is auto-populated in the task for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Creating a Task from the Assigned To Me category will automatically place you in the Task's Assignee list.
  • Creating a Task from the Assigned To Others category, nothing will be automatically filled in. You'll need to specify the Assignee or the Viewer manually.
  • Creating a Task from the Meetings With Tasks category will automatically place the Meeting selected in the Task's Linked Meetings list, and you as the Task's Viewer.

After the task is created, feel free to remove or correct any auto-populated information as you see fit. 

Creating a new Task is easy! Either type the name of your new Task into the bar and click ADD, or click the Create New Task button at the top of the Task panel.




Begin filling in the Task's details. 



Task Name - The title of your newly created task.

Due Date - The date in which the Task is expected to be completed. The date entered here will also determine when the Task falls into the Due Today and Due This Week categories. 

Description - Your Task's description. This can include detailed information about what actions need to be completed in order for this Task to be considered as done. 

Status - New / In Progress / Complete. These statuses can be updated to indicate the progress of your Task.

Priority - High / Normal / Low. These priorities will reflect how urgent the Task is to the interested parties (Viewers, perhaps). 

Task Documents - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF. Upload any number of documents related to this task by either clicking Add Document, or dragging and dropping a document inside this dashed box location. This can be a document included during the Task’s creation, or perhaps a document that is uploaded as a part of the Task completion.

Assignee - The users or groups who will be completing the actions in the description and completing the Task. Anyone listed here will have full control over the Task's details. Users listed here will have this Task appear in their Assigned To Me category. Groups listed here will have this Task appear in their Groups With Tasks category. 

Viewers - The users or groups who have invested interest in keeping tabs on the Task's progress. Anyone listed here will have full control over the Task's details. Users listed here will have this Task appear in their Assigned To Others category. Groups listed here will have this Task appear in their Groups With Tasks category.

Link Meetings - Tasks associated with meetings can be linked using this field. Type the name of the meeting you wish to tie the Task to. Meetings in this list will appear in the Meetings With Tasks category.

Don't forget to click SAVE AND CLOSE at the top of the panel when you're finished editing the Task's details. 


Completing a Task

Is there anything more satisfying than checking things off your To Do list? In OnBoard, we've given you a few ways to update the Task to indicate your progress. As a reminder, anyone listed as the Assignee or the Viewer can edit anything about the Task, including its status. 


Each Task in your list will have a Status Circle out to the left of the Task's name. Not only does this display you Task's current status, it is also a clickable button. Clicking inside this circle will progress the Task's status one step. From New, to In Progress, then to Complete. Once you refresh your page's view, Completed Tasks will be removed from their Assigned views and transition over to the Completed category. However, if they're not quite finished, they can be recovered from the Completed view and placed back into their appropriate Assignee view by updating the status field.

Speaking of which, the second method of changing the Task's status can be done by opening the Task's details and choosing a new status from the dropdown menu. 


Task Notifications

Users who are assigned Tasks will receive a notification when the Task is assigned.

Deleting a Task

You can permanently remove a Task from OnBoard by opening the Task's details and clicking the Delete button. Anyone marked as the Task's Assignee or Viewer can complete this action. 


You'll be asked to confirm this deletion, since it is a permanent action. Deleting a Task cannot be undone. Any accidentally deleted (and confirmed) Task will need to be recreated. 




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