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There may be times when you want to be sure your board members see items in OnBoard exactly as you'd like them to.  Accessing OnBoard from any of our mobile apps will allow viewing, annotating, and participating in OnBoard items just like an end-user. However adding a test user to your Organization can also accomplish this goal, and is easy to do using a second email address!


Inviting your Test User

To invite your test user, we'll follow the same process as adding a normal user:

Go to your Directory and click Add Members, then Invite Members in the top right corner of the screen.
From here you'll want to chose the name and OnBoard ID email address you'd like to use for your test user.
You'll want to be sure to use an existing separate email from your main OnBoard account if you'd like to be able to recover the password in the future.

Set the user at the Permission level you'd like to preview your Organization as. In our case, we'll use the Member view since most users will view your materials from this perspective. Click Next once you're ready to send the invitation.
Important Note: This test account will show in your Directory to other users in your Organization. 

Go ahead and add a note if you'd like, then click Send Invitation.

Next, we'll want to log out of your main account by clicking your name or profile image near to bottom left of the screen and clicking Sign Out.


Accepting the invitation as your Test User

Open the invitation email you should receive to the address you used to create your test user, and create your new password to log in.

You should then be logged in with your new test account!

Important Note: You will need to add this user to any Groups, Meetings, or other items in OnBoard to test how another user may see the materials you post.


Logging in as both your Administrator AND Test accounts

By opening an Incognito, Private, or InPrivate tab and navigating to OnBoard's Login page, you can have a separate OnBoard session open for your Test user!
This makes it easier to see both views while you're working to avoid logging in and out to check any changes.

As you can see from our example here, the Administrator's view is on the left and shows a Meeting with the Visibility set to "Meeting Details," while the same meeting on the right side shows the Reader's view with the Test User logged in.





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