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The Meeting Brief Email Notification is designed to help meeting attendees prepare for their upcoming meetings. These notifications can include reminders to view the board book and information about recent changes to meeting details/sections/documents.


When To Expect A Meeting Brief Email

Meeting Brief Notifications will be sent automatically. As an Administrator for your meeting, you will not have to configure anything special to deliver these emails to your attendees (aside from marking the meeting status as "ALL VISIBLE"). We've included a few example timelines below, to help visualize when these will occur.


Scenario 1: Meeting Made "All Visible" More Than 3 Days Before The Meeting Date -

In this scenario, when the meeting's status has been set to "All Visible" more than 72 hours before the meeting's start date, attendees will receive the Meeting Brief Email at 6am 3 days prior to the meeting. This 6am is based off the Timezone setting configured in the Organization Info settings.


Scenario 2: Meeting Made "All Visible" Less Than 3 Days Before The Meeting Date -

In this scenario, when setting the meeting's status to "All Visible" less than 72 hours before the meeting's start date, users can expect to see the Meeting Brief Email 24 hours prior to the meeting's start time. 


Scenario 3: Meeting Made "All Visible Less than 24 Hours Before Meeting Time -

In the event that the meeting's visibility state is updated to "All Visible" less than 24 hours before the meeting's start time, no Meeting Brief Email will be sent. Though, Admins will still have the option to manually send a "Reminder Email" to meeting attendees.



Important Note: In some rare cases, it may be possible that a meeting may trigger both the 72 hour and 24 hour Meeting Brief Email.

This can occur if a 72 hour Meeting Brief Email has already gone out and an Administrator changes the Meeting Details (such as the meeting's name, start and end date, or address) after the 72 hour mark but before 24 hours

How to Disable Meeting Brief Emails

If you do not wish to send these meeting summaries to your attendees automatically, this feature can be disabled by visiting the Meeting's Settings.


Here you'll file the Meeting Brief Emails option to Disable Automatic Meeting Updates. Checking this will disable the Meeting Brief Emails on this specific meeting.


If you would like to disable Meeting Brief Email Notifications across your entire Organization, you can go to Settings in the main navigation to view your Organization Settings. Then under the Feature's tab you'll find the Meeting Brief Email toggle.


Important Note: Disabling the Meeting Brief Emails will also disable the ability to add custom messages to notifications. If the option is disabled at the Organization level, it will affect all custom message notifications.


Sending notifications after disabling this option will present the admin with this prompt instead:


Meeting Brief Email Contents

The Meeting Brief Emails emails will include the general meeting details such as meeting name, location, and time. Users can also RSVP and see their current RSVP status from this email. It will contain any notable changes to the book or meeting since the user has last viewed the meeting, as well as an estimation of how much of the meeting and book the user has already viewed.

Important Note: To count as a view, documents must be:

  • Viewed in the Meeting Book.
  • Viewed for a minimum of 10 seconds.


Important Note: While OnBoard attempts to calculate the percentage viewed based on the time spent on pages in your Board Book, these percentages should be seen as approximate and not absolute.

Some factors that affect this are pages and documents that may be short or contain images and graphics that users may not linger on long enough for this to be calculated.


OnBoard Group Trainings:

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