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The Notifications tab can be found in the left navigation menu (phone users will instead have a bell icon at the bottom of the screen.)


If a user currently has any unread notifications, a red badge will appear next to Notifications in the menu.



Notifications keep the user updated about changes to meetings or resources, prompts to fill our a survey, or even manual announcements sent out by your Administrator. Users will only be notified on items they have access to view or interact with within OnBoard.  

New notifications that you have not interacted with yet will be marked with a red dot on the left side of the notification as shown below.


Clicking on a notification will open or take you directly to the item the notification indicates and removes the unread indicator from that notification.

If you would like to clear the number of unread alerts, you can click on the "Mark All As Read" button in the top right. This will keep the notifications in your list but will clear the unread indication.


You can fully delete the list of notifications by clicking the "Delete All" button at the top right corner of the screen. You'll need to confirm your choice, since once the notifications are deleted, they can't be restored.


OnBoard Group Trainings:

If you are interested, we do offer further education. You can find the calendar and register for OnBoard Admin group training sessions by clicking here

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