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Unlimited Resource Folders

Your key documents are always one click away when you take full advantage of your resource library!

Not sure where to begin? Start by reviewing how you organize important Company, Board and Committee documents on your computer and take inventory of other places information is stored, including on your website.

Here are common items other OnBoard customers include in their Resources:

  • Bylaws
  • Policies and procedures
  • Annual reports
  • Strategic plan
  • Meeting schedule
  • Committee listing
  • Photo roster
  • Historical meeting books
  • Prior meeting minutes
  • Orientation handbook
  • Training videos
  • Briefings and memos
  • Audits
  • Risk surveys and mitigation plans
  • Fillable forms
  • Performance dashboards
  • Survey reports
  • Programs
  • Event photos
  • Industry research
  • Marketing and branding guides
  • Thought leadership articles

Don't forget to set permissions! 

As you create folders and subfolders to further organize information, you want to consider who should have access.

You may need to create a main folder for each committee if some materials should only be accessed by the members of that committee.

Always set permissions at the parent/root folder and give access using your groups before giving individual member permission. While you can exclude members from subfolders and individual items, it should be done with caution and sparingly.

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