OnBoard Meeting/Launch Readiness Checklist

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You are ready to use OnBoard for a meeting - fantastic! Please use the below checklist to ensure that nothing was missed and everyone has the best meeting experience possible.


  • Directory: all members have been added and placed into their appropriate groups, profiles are complete to the extent planned (you may wish to do this for your members or have them complete their own), and all groups have been created to support access controls to items (meetings, resources, and actions).
  • Resources: the folder structure is created, consideration has been given to historical and archival needs, documents (along with photos and links) are loaded, and folder permissions have been set.
  • Meetings: examples of board and committee meetings have been fully re-created for practice and use during end-user training, upcoming meetings have been added and set to 'meeting details' visibility state, decisions have been made on settings to enable (page numbers, table of contents), meeting and agenda-level permissions are understood and set on all meetings, and agenda section fields are complete (start time/duration, description, documents, presenters/guests, linked actions).
  • Dashboard: panels are complete for welcome, announcements, and supplementary materials, there is a plan for updating announcements regularly, and the organization info system settings have been reviewed and set.
  • Actions: example approvals, surveys, and eSignatures are created for demonstrations, templates for different activities have been considered, and testing has been completed.

 Before you Publish!

  1. Go to the Directory and see if there are any members who have locked themselves out or have expired invitations that need to be resent.

    Option 1) Click on the "Status" header to group users and then check the box next to any of these individuals who require a new password. Select "Bulk Actions" and the appropriate option - resend invitation or reset password.

    Option 2) Use the actions menu by clicking on the 3 dots for each member to individually reset their password and include an optional custom message.

    Pro Tip: A multi-board member with an existing OnBoard account will be sent an email to accept their invitation by logging into their existing account. If they need a password reset, it must be done from the login page (https://app.onboardmeetings.com/) by selecting "Forgot Password" and entering in their email address.

  2. Review your member list for completeness and accuracy. Click on their name to edit details. If a mistake or typo has been made during the invitation process, there are two ways to resolve this:

    Option 1)  Have the user log in. They can change their name or email ID themselves from the User Profile and Settings icon in the Navigation. Email notifications are enabled by default.

    Option 2) Delete this user from your Directory using the Actions icon. Once the user is deleted, repeat the Add Member process with the correct email address and spelling. 

    Pro Tip: Within the Settings tab of a user's profile you will find The "Alternative Notification Addresses" field which can be used to send a copy of any email that the member would receive to another person such as an administrative assistant, or to an alternate email address for the member.

  3. Go to Meetings and select an upcoming meeting. Once all documents have been uploaded to the agenda sections, click “Open Book” and make sure that all documents appear correct – in the right order and orientation. Any structural changes to the agenda are made within the Compose Agenda view.

    Pro Tip: You can re-order, rename, or delete and add documents by selecting the "Edit Details" option for an agenda section.

  4. Confirm the options in the Settings menu of the meeting details – you can turn on page numbers and a table of contents, disable book and document downloads, and disable the automatic Meeting Brief email reminder or alter the deliver option for the Meeting Feedback survey.

  5. Double-check that all groups and individual members that should have access to the meeting, appear within the “Manage Invitees” area.

  6. Remember to utilize the “Setup Remote Meeting” field to include a conference number or other remote attendance details.

  7. Update the meeting visibility as the final step – it should be set to “All Visible” so that those with access to the meeting receive a notification.

We hope you have a great meeting! Please reach out if we can be of assistance.



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