Sending and Receiving Messages with OnBoard Messenger

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle

Secure instant messages can be delivered to any user in your organization directly from OnBoard. No matter which device you use: laptop, iOS, or Android mobile device, send and receive messages anywhere you access OnBoard. It's easy! 

Accessing Messenger

To send and receive messages, you just open Messenger from the main navigation menu in OnBoard.


To create a new message, click the Compose button near the top of the Messages panel.


Next, you'll need to select which users you wish to message. You can choose a single user, multiple users, or even an entire Group from your organization.


Once you click "Start Conversation" at the top right corner to initiate this message, anyone selected as a recipient will be able to see your message and respond to it instantly. 


Now, you're ready to begin typing your text into the message bar, and click the SEND button when you're finished!


Anyone using OnBoard at the time the message is sent should hear a message sound from OnBoard and see an Unread Message badge in the left navigation in OnBoard.



Message Attachments

OnBoard now allows you to share and view files directly from Messenger on both the web version of OnBoard, as well as our free mobile apps on phone and tablet! 
Download OnBoard on iOS from the App Store or Android from the Google Play Store.

To add files to a message, click the Attach button.mceclip0.png


You'll be able to drag and drop a file here or add a document from your computer or your Resources.


Once you've attached all of the files you'd like to send as a part of your message, you can click Attach.


You'll then be able to finish entering a message and click the Submit button to send your files and message.


Message participants can click on the file in the message to open the document or preview an image shared right from Messenger.


If downloads are enabled for your organization, you can download the document to your device on the web application using the download icon.


On the phone or tablet app, you can use the share button to download, print, or share the document from your device. 



Extras to include in Messages

While typing a message, you can create new lines without sending the message by holding down the Shift key and hitting Enter.


Emojis can be inserted into messages by default from most Android and iOS mobile devices. Users on Windows devices can right-click and select "Emoijis" from the menu to access Emojis to include in messages or hold down the Windows key while pressing the Period key ( ⊞ Win + . ) to bring up the Emoji menu. 

MacOS users can hold down the Control key and Command key and tap the Space key ( CTRL + CMD + Space ) to access the Emojis menu.


Any message recipient should see the equivalent Emoji on any device they use to view OnBoard messages.

Notifications from Messages

Messenger notifications are sent via email and via push notification on the phone and tablet applications.

In the web, phone, and tablet applications a red badge will appear next to Messenger in the OnBoard navigation to indicate unread messages.


Email Notifications

When message recipients have or more unread messages, an email notification is sent 15 minutes after the first message is delivered. 

If the messages remain unread, a follow up email is delivered four hours after the initial email notification. 

If the messages remain unread, and new messages are delivered, an email notification will be delivered four hours after the new messages are delivered. 

iOS and Android Push Notifications

Those using the OnBoard phone and tablet app for iOS and Android devices will receive instant push notifications when a new messages are delivered.


Changing the Name of a Conversation

Conversations can include a wide variety of reasons, topics, and participants. With this in mind, Conversations can be retitled for easier identification!

To change the name of a Conversation, you'll just want to click the "Conversation Details" icon in the top right corner of the message thread you're currently viewing.

Important Note: A Message must be sent before the Conversation Details will appear.


Once here, there will be an input option for a new Conversation Name. You can view other details about the Conversation as well. Click Save Changes in the top right to rename your Conversation for easier identification!


After the name has been saved, all Conversation participants should now see the new name in their Messages list!


Message Retention

Organizations may have different security or record retention policies that may encompass messages in OnBoard. Luckily the Organization Administrator can set the Message Retention policies from the Organization Settings.

Message Retention FAQs

How do I know if a message has been archived/deleted?

The text of the message will be replaced with text notifying you that the message has been deleted. This way, you're aware that there was a conversation, but the text from that conversation will be removed.

My message thread disappeared. What happened?

If a message thread disappeared, it is because a Group was used to select the recipients of the message. If the Group is deleted, or if you are removed from the Group, the message thread will be removed from your conversation list.

For more information on managing the Message Retention Settings, please view this article: Setting Organization Data Preferences.

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    Bruce Hartley

    It doesn't seem like it's possible to save a draft of a message. for example, I started typing a message to one person, and then I received a separate message and clicked to read it.  when I came back to the one I was working on, the text I'd written was gone.  I assume this is expected behavior, but wanted to see if there were any plans for the functionality to save a message draft.  THANKS


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