Introducing OnBoard: Email Templates Pinned

Jenni Washington

Template 1: Sent Early During Plan/Build Phase

Dear Board Members,

We know that your service to [Organization Name] is a big commitment of your time and we thank you. We want to do our best to use your time wisely, to communicate clearly and to have the information that you need at your fingertips.

It is a pleasure to announce a new partnership with OnBoard, a meeting management solution that will streamline material distribution, make board book review easier, and make our meetings more efficient.

We will be using the new OnBoard platform for our [Month Year] meeting but introducing it during [Month]. The platform can be accessed on any internet browser and device but is best used with the OnBoard mobile application to take full advantage of the streamlined features. We recommend downloading the OnBoard app on both your phone and tablet which allow you to use your face ID, fingerprint or a PIN number to sign in instead of having to remember yet another password!

You can get started early and find the apps here:

The apps make it particularly easy to read, review, annotate, and prepare for meetings. There’s many other features including voting, RSVP, and eSignatures. But, rather than detail all of the features here via email, I have provided a link below to an overview video.

I will be rolling out this new experience in small portions. The board book for Month's meeting will be generated from the OnBoard platform so that you can see the new format. You will soon receive an email with your invitation and user login information to activate your OnBoard account.

OnBoard 90-Second Overview Video

Thank you in advance and I welcome your feedback and questions.

Template 2: Sent Immediately Prior to Distributing Invitations & Offering Training

Good Afternoon Board Members,

As mentioned in my previous email, we will be using the OnBoard platform for our [Month Year] meeting.

The next few steps for our roll out is accepting your invitation, ensuring the mobile app has been installed on your tablet and phone, and director training. To begin the transition, you will soon receive an email [insert option based on your chosen method: from me or from OnBoard] announcing that your account has been created for our OnBoard portal. You will need to sign in with the provided temporary password and then create a password of your choosing. It is a user friendly process and should only take a few minutes.

The Quick Start Guide will walk you through the initial steps of setting your password, installing the OnBoard app, and updating your account profile. Watch a 4-minute video for a tour of OnBoard and keep this End User Guide handy.

Once you enter the board portal you will see a dashboard that includes a welcome, upcoming meetings, and quick access to important announcements and reference materials. When you click on a meeting, details will appear. Click on “Open Book” to view the agenda and materials. The ability to make private notes and annotations directly on the digital board book both in preparation for, and during the meeting, is a popular feature.

There are guides and videos to assist you in getting comfortable with anything you do not find to be intuitive. Access OnBoard Academy from the in-app Help menu to enroll in self-guided training and get certified in OnBoard. 

Please reach out with any questions or feedback.



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