OnBoard Authentication Methods Explained

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
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OnBoard's primary login authentication requires two main parts: - OnBoard ID Email and Password.

However, your directors may wish to Authenticate using a third-party provider or your Organization may use a Single Sign On provider. 

  • ONLY the authentication step is handled by the third-party authentication (Google, Microsoft, or your SSO provider). This ensures that even OnBoard does not have access to your login information and that none of your OnBoard information ever goes to Google, Microsoft, or other services.  This provides a key set of security checks and balances.
  • Once a user links their account to a third-party provider or chooses to log in using SSO, OnBoard makes a quick request to your authentication provider to confirm the login then lets you into the Organizations you have permission to in OnBoard. OnBoard sees only your OnBoard information, and your third-party provider sees only the third-party provider information.
  • While your users may log in using the third-party provider, their OnBoard ID email will still be important to keep up to date as well. If they lose full access to the email address set as their OnBoard ID, they may lose the ability to reset their password if their account ever becomes locked.

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