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The Profile & Settings page in OnBoard allows you to manage many aspects of your profile and your OnBoard experience.

Below are the items we'll cover on this page, which you can click to jump to:

Getting to your Profile

To edit your personal user data, click on your name or photo from the bottom left corner, then select Profile.


At the top of the next page, you'll see two tabs: Profile, and Settings. The first tab labeled Profile contains your account's personal information such as name, address, phone numbers, biography, etc.



Profile Photo

If you don't already have a Profile photo uploaded, you can click Edit Details next to the top panel with your name. 


Clicking on the words "Upload Image (jpg, png gif) will allow you to upload a profile image. Please note that the file types for the Profile Photos are restricted to jpg, png, and gif files.


About & Employment

Below the Profile Photo in the same panel you'll file the fields to change your Salutation, Name, and your Employer and Title.


Once you've added this information in, click Save Changes at the top right corner, or hit Cancel if you'd like to back out without saving changes.



Adding Demographic information to your profile can help your organization gain insight into the communities that may be represented within your board.

From the Demographics panel, you can click "Edit Details" and choose the options that best fit your identity.


Important Note: Your Administrator may restrict users in your organization from viewing this information.

Find out more in our Organization Settings article.



You'll be able to add your date of birth as well as select or opt-out of disclosing for the following questions:

  • How do you describe your Gender Identity?
  • To what racial/ethnic groups do you belong?
  • Do you identify as LGBTQ+?
  • Are you a Military Veteran?
  • Are you an individual with Disabilities?

Once you've set all of your information to what you'd like, click Save Changes at the top right corner of the panel.


Contact & Address

The next panel is Contact & Address, which will show your OnBoard ID email address (please note, the OnBoard ID email address must be changed on the Settings page, details on this are further below).


When you Edit Details you'll be able to enter your Work Phone, Cell Phone, Home Phone info, as well as physical address data.



The third panel in the Profile is the Biography panel.


Here you can enter in your professional and career experience or feature the education and recognition you’ve earned. Or any other information you'd like users viewing your profile to know!




The Skills panel may not appear for all users, however, if it does it will allow you to select the skills your Organization has marked as Essential and enter your proficiency or experience with the skills. 


Clicking "+ Add Skill" under Additional Skills will allow you to add a new skill not listed.

You can find out more about Skills Tracking by checking out the full article on Skills here: Getting Started With Skills Tracking


If you have a Twitter handle or a LinkedIn profile link you'd like to add to your Profile, you can click Edit Details on the Social tab.


Users viewing your Profile will be able to click the links in this panel to view your social media items linked.


Groups, Roles & Terms

Lastly, the Groups, Roles & Terms panel will list the Groups you are a part of, as well as any Roles & Terms set for your user.


You can expand each Group by clicking on it to list the Roles & Terms assigned to you.


You can find out more about Roles & Terms here: Creating and Managing User Roles and Terms.


The second tab, Settings, is where you will find a few important controls for your account, such as notification preferences, security settings, and saved signatures that can be applied to eSignature Actions. 


Your OnBoard Credentials

At the very top, you'll have the ability to manage your OnBoard credentials such as changing you OnBoard ID and changing your Password.


For more information on changing your OnBoard ID, please see this article with a full walkthrough:

[All Users] How do I change my OnBoard ID (Email Address).

For more information on changing your Password, please see this article: [All Users] How do I change or reset my OnBoard Account Password.

Two-Factor Authentication

Below Your OnBoard Credentials you'll find your account's Two-Factor Authentication options. You can enable the Two-Factor Authentication for your account here, as well as add an SMS number or Google Authenticator to send your Two-Factor codes.


Third-Party Sign In

If you have a Google or Microsoft account that you'd like to link to use as a Third-Party Sign In option, you can link those here.


Locale Settings - Date & Time Format

The date and time format in the OnBoard web application will default to English (United States). 

If you'd like to update the date and time format to reflect how the date and time is displayed in your location, select the appropriate location from the dropdown menu. 

Updating this setting will apply the format to dates and times viewed in OnBoard, on downloaded documents, and in notifications. 


2024-01-31_12-58-43 (1).gif


NOTE: This setting has no bearing on Time Zones. Time Zones are displayed in OnBoard based on the location of your device. 

NOTE: This setting is managed separately in each organization. If you are a member of multiple OnBoard organizations, you must manage the date and time format for each organization you are a member of.

NOTE: This setting only applies to the web application. The OnBoard mobile and tablet application will automatically update the date and time format based on your device settings. 

Calendar Integration

The second panel on the page will allow you to link a Calendar to receive Meeting invitations and RSVPs from OnBoard and sync these items seamlessly. 


Please see this article for an expanded view of Calendar Integration.

Organization Settings

The final panel contains settings specific to the Organization you currently have selected.



Alternative Notification Addresses

Here you can set whether you'd like to receive email notifications or an Alternative Notification Address to also receive notifications about your account for this Organization. 

From your Profile and Settings scroll down to the "Alternative Notification Addresses" button and click it to add email addresses.


Important Note: The following notifications and emails will not go out to Alternative Notification Addresses, and will only send to the OnBoard ID email address:

  • Account Invitation Emails
  • Password Reset Emails
  • Calendar Integration Emails (Calendar Invites)

Delegate Admin Permissions

If you're an Administrator of the Organization and you'd like to duplicate your permissions to another user whether due to a vacation, retirement, or other reason, you can click Delegate Admin Permissions to do this. You can find a full walkthrough of Delegating Admin Permissions here: OnBoard Administrator Permissions Delegation.




To upload or create an eSignature Signature and Initials to use for items that require these in OnBoard, you can add those here. When signing on either web or mobile apps you'll be given the option to use these signatures so you don't need to manually sign every time.


Clicking "Create Signature" will allow you to sign using your mouse, touchscreen, or stylus to sign the screen.


Once you have a signature that is to your liking, you can click "Save Changes."


If you click Create Initials you'll have a similar option to manually enter your initials.


Once you write out initials you'd like to keep, go ahead and click the "Save Changes" button.


If you would instead like to upload a scanned image of your signature and initials, you can click Upload beneath either option to be able to upload a JPG, GIF, or PNG image to use.



OnBoard Group Trainings:

If you are interested, we do offer further education. You can find the calendar and register for OnBoard Board Member/Director group training sessions by clicking here

Mobile App

Be sure to visit your personal Profile in OnBoard to customize the details you'd like to share with your colleagues and view information for others. In profiles you can find the information below:

  • Name
  • Employment Information
  • Contact Information
  • Demographic Information
  • Groups
  • Roles & Terms
  • Bios
  • Social Media Links (Twitter & LinkedIn)

You may also wish to configure some account settings around security or notifications. Here's how!

Viewing Profiles

Accessing Profile From Directory

User profiles can be accessed from your organization Directory. In the Directory, you'll see the organization member list, the names and profile image of other members, and their shared Groups.

To access the Directory on the tablet application, tap the Directory option in the navigation panel and select a user profile.


To access profiles in the Directory on the phone application, tap the (...) More icon, then Directory, and then tap the profile.


Accessing Your Profile From Settings

You can also access your profile from the Setting menu. On tablet app, tap on Profile & Settings on the navigation panel, and then select your profile.


On the phone app,  tap the (...) More icon and then tap your profile. 


Editing Your Profile

Regardless of which device you choose to use, you'll have full control over changing any of your own profile, and  Organization-Wide Admins can edit any user's profile.

To edit on the mobile or tablet app, tap on the edit buttons to edit contact info, demographic info, social media links, and bio. 


Reporting Skills for Skills Tracking

Scroll down to the Skills section and select Edit.


You'll see your organization's skill bank. Select all skills that apply to you. 

Once selected, tap the number to the right of the skill to adjust your proficiency as necessary.


If you have additional skills you'd like to report outside of your organization's skill bank, scroll down to the Additional Skills section and select Create Additional Skill. Type out the skill and tap Create. Then adjust your proficiency as necessary.


Once complete select Save Changes, and you'll have saved your skills. 


Saving your eSignature to your OnBoard Profile

Near the bottom of the Profile page on your mobile device, you'll have the chance to store an eSignature to use later. This can be useful if your Administrator allows saved signatures to be applied to eSignature actions as they are required.

To save your signature, scroll to the bottom of the Profile, and tap either Signature or Initials to begin capturing. Make your signature on the line, then tap Done! Tap Clear to create a new eSignature.




Editing Account/Device Settings

Select Settings to control some aspects about the authentication process, notification options, and more. Below is a description of what can be found on the OnBoard mobile application, but please keep in mind that not all of these options will appear if you're using a device that does not support the feature. (Example: Touch ID settings will not appear on devices that do not have a biometric sensor, or if viewing Settings from a web browser on a computer.)



Enable Email Notifications

Be sure to turn this setting on if you'd prefer to receive all OnBoard notifications by email in addition to seeing them in the Notifications panel in OnBoard. This is incredibly useful to be kept in the loop of changes happening in your organization while you're not logged in. 


Enable Touch/Face ID

When this setting is enabled, OnBoard will use the fingerprints or facial recognition capabilities of your mobile device to get logged in. To learn more about logging in with this setting, please be sure to take a look at this article:  Learn More About Touch ID / Face ID


Enabling, Setting, and Changing your PIN

Just like with the Touch ID setting mentioned above, when this setting is enabled, you'll be able to configure OnBoard to use a PIN code to get logged in. These settings can help you enable the PIN or change it to something new. This article can help describe logging in with a PIN code more: Learn More About Security PIN Codes


Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is an excellent way of tightening security on your OnBoard account. Enabling it will, from then on, require both your normal OnBoard username and password as well as a secondary random passcode delivered to you by email or text message to completely log in. This article goes into detail about authenticating with this feature enabled. Learn More about Two-Factor Authentication.


Viewing and Clearing Stored Offline Data

Meetings that have been stored for Offline Access can be found within this list. If you no longer need them to be stored locally on the device, they can be deleted with the Edit button in the upper right corner. This would only be necessary for conserving hard drive space on your device.


Allowing Auto-Download over Cellular Data

Unless in an Airplane mode, mobile devices that can connect to cellular networks are almost always connected to the internet. This is incredibly convenient, however, depending on your monthly data allowance on your cellular plan, you may wish to strictly monitor how much data is being used. Toggling this OnBoard setting on will allow board books to automatically be downloaded while on a metered cellular connection. With the feature turned off, books will only be auto-downloaded while connected to a WIFI network.

OnBoard Group Trainings:

If you are interested, we do offer further education. You can find the calendar and register for OnBoard Board Member/Director group training sessions by clicking here

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