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A diverse board can help increase transparency, accountability and responsible decision making for an organization. OnBoard's Diversity Reporting can help your organization track it's demographics and diversity.

Enabling and Disabling Diversity Reporting

To enable or disable the Diversity Reporting feature, select Settings from the navigation bar and Select the Feature tab. In the Demographics & Diversity Reporting panel, toggle the feature on or off. 


Disabling Demographics and Diversity Reporting will remove the Demographics fields in user profiles and Diversity Reporting in Groups. 

Entering Demographic Information

OnBoard users and Administrators can report and update demographic information in user profiles.  

Profile demographic information is used to populate the Diversity Reporting for Members.


Learn more about managing user profiles in the help articles below:

Managing Your User Profile & Settings (Web)

Managing Your User Profile & Settings (Mobile)

Editing Another User's Profile (Org Admins Only)

Diversity Summary Reporting - All Group Members

Diversity Reporting can be accessed in Groups. 

To access a Group:

  1. Click on Directory in the Navigation Panel
  2. Select the Groups tab.
  3. Click anywhere on a Group to view the Group.


Diversity Reporting can be viewed in the Group Diversity section of the Group.

Diversity Reporting will only appear if a Group has two or more members with demographic information entered in their profiles. If a Group doesn't meet these requirements, Group Diversity will show that the reporting data is incomplete. 


When two or more group members have added profile demographic information, two charts will be available to all members of a group: Overall Diversity and Gender Diversity.


Overall Diversity

Overall Diversity will show an aggregate total of all demographic data. This is the percentage of the group that is Not Diverse and the percentage of the group that is Diverse.

Diverse is categorized as the members of the group who identify as female, an underrepresented minority*, or LBGTQ+.

*An “underrepresented minority” is an individual who self-identifies in one or more of the following groups: African American or Black, Hispanic or Latinx, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander or Two or More Races or Ethnicities.

Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity will show the aggregate diversity of gender. This is the percentage of Female, Male, and Non-Binary members of the group. 

Hovering over the charts will display the total number of members and the percentages for each data set. Clicking on the data sets below will remove or add the data sets from the charts.


Permissions and Diversity Reporting

Group permissions who is included Diversity Reporting and who can view the Full Diversity Reporting Details. Review below to see which members of the group are included in Diversity Reporting.

Member: Members are included in Diversity Reporting, but cannot view the Full Diversity Reporting Details. 

Admin & Member: Admin & Members can review the Full Diversity Reporting Details and are included in the Diversity Reporting.

Admin: Admins can review the Full Diversity Reporting but are NOT included in the Diversity Reporting. 


Review our article on Creating and Managing Groups for more information on Group Permissions. 

Full Diversity Reporting Details - Group Admins Only

Group Admins (Admins/Admins & Members) can access the full breakdown of diversity attributes by clicking on the View Diversity Reporting button.


Racial/Ethnic Diversity

There are two additional charts that only Group Admins have access to: Racial/Ethnic Diversity and Member Age.

Racial/Ethnic Diversity shows the percentages of all ethnicities of the group.


Member Age

Member Age shows the variance of member age. Access the Mean Member Age by hovering over the line in the chart.


Diversity Table

Group Admins can also access Diversity Details, which includes the Diversity Table and Matrix.

The Diversity Table will show the Diversity Details for each group member. Racial/Ethnic Background, Gender, LGBTQ+ status, Veteran status, and Disability status are displayed for each member.


Hovering over the icons in the LGBTQ+, Veteran and Disability columns will provide more information.


Diversity Matrix

The Diversity Matrix will show demographic board composition totals and it follows the NASDAQ Diversity Matrix format. 

The Diversity Matrix displays the total number of:

  • Members reported in the group.
  • Group members in each Gender Identity.
  • Group members with each Demographic Background separated by Gender.
  • LGBTQ+ identifying group members.
  • Group Members that did not disclose demographic information.


Exporting Diversity Reporting

Exporting Diversity Charts

Group Admins can download the following versions of individual diversity charts - with the exception of Member Age.

  • Images (PNGs)
  • PDFs
  • CSVs 

To download the data from a chart, click on the 3-dotted menu to the right of the chart and select the file type you'd like to download. 


Downloading the PNGs and PDFs of the charts will respect the chart filtering. If you've deselected any data sets from the chart, those data sets will not be included on the PNG or PDF.


Downloading the CSV will export all data for the chart, regardless of filtering. 

Exporting Diversity Data

Group Admins can export three additional reports by clicking on the View Diversity Reporting button and scrolling down to the Diversity Details section.


Clicking on Export Diversity Data will provide option to download:


Select the report you'd like to download by selecting the check box next to the report. You can select one or multiple reports. Once selected, click the Export  button to export/download the data. 

Downloading multiple reports simultaneously will export the reports as a ZIP file. 

2023-07-19_13-00-27 (1).gif

Below is an explanation of the different report types. 

Demographics Report

The Demographics Report is a PDF report that will include all Diversity Reporting Details: 

  • Cover Page
  • Group Members List including:
    • Member Name
    • Member Role
  • Diversity Overview including
    • Overall Diversity Chart
    • Gender Diversity Chart
    • Racial/Ethnic Diversity Chart
    • Member Age Chart
  • Diversity Table
  • Diversity Matrix

Note that the Demographic Report will NOT respect the filtering of the charts and will show all demographic information for the group on each chart.

All Data

All Data is a XLSX document including all demographic data for the group. This can used to create custom reporting. The All Data XLSX file will include tabs for:

  • Diversity Table
  • Diversity Matrix
  • Overall Diversity


NASDAQ Diversity Matrix

If you are required to publicly disclose diversity statistics for your board, you can download the NASDAQ Diversity Matrix.

The NASDAQ Diversity Matrix will download as a DOCX file. This follows the NASDAQ Board Diversity Matrix template, and will allow you to quickly download and post your organization's diversity statistics.

Here is an example of the NASDAQ Diversity Matrix export:


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