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There are many reasons why you might wish to remove all OnBoard data from a device remotely. Below, you'll see a few different examples of when this might happen and how to go about solving the problem. As long as you are not removed from your organization, your data can still be accessed and downloaded again after using your OnBoard ID and password to re-authenticate. 


Lost/Stolen Device - Remote Wipe

In the event that a device is misplaced, the Administrator of the Organization can initiate a Remote Wipe for the user's account. This will tell the OnBoard App to completely log the user out of ALL of their devices, and indiscriminately delete ALL downloaded information that has been encrypted by the app, from ALL organizations the user belonged to. This means that any person who happens to pick up your lost device will not be able to access your data unless they know your OnBoard login information. 

To initiate this kind of wipe, simply navigate to the Directory in the main navigation window. As you hover your mouse over the names of any person in the list, a contextual 3-dot menu will appear along the right side of the screen. Give this menu a click and then select Wipe Devices Remotely.



User Leaving the Organization - Remote Wipe

When it is time for a member of the Board to step down, we will want to ensure their devices are wiped clean of sensitive information when they do so. Just like in the situation above, when we initiate this action, ALL of the OnBoard data from ALL of the organizations this user belonged to will be removed from ALL of their devices.


This process is tacked onto the process of removing the user from the organization in OnBoard. From the Directory, you can use the Delete Member option under the 3-dot menu (shown above).


Deactivating a User Account - Remote Wipe

Just like the scenario above, when a user account is set to the Deactivated status from the Directory, OnBoard will automatically remote wipe its data from that user's devices. This includes all OnBoard data from all organizations from all devices.


To deactivate a user, click the 3-dot menu to the right of the user's name (shown above) and click Deactivate Member.


Old Device, No Longer In Use - Idle Wipe

Occasionally, we retire a device or stop using it for OnBoard purposes. If this happens, OnBoard will automatically issue an Idle Wipe if the device has not connected to the internet in 90 days. This will remove the downloaded OnBoard data from all organizations from this device. However, if the data is needed again, users can simply reconnect to the internet and log back into OnBoard to re-download their information. 

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