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Skills Tracking grants an organization the ability to set essential skills that can assist boards with filling important skill gaps. Here we'll give an overview of how to get started with the OnBoard  Skills Tracking Feature

Navigating to Skills Tracking

Getting to Skills Tracking is easy! To begin, you'll just want to click on Directory in your left navigation, then click the Skills Tracking tab at the top.


If this is your first time accessing Skills Tracking, you'll be presented with this page, starting you at step 1 of this process: Choosing Essential Skills. Just click Get Started Now!


Build Your Essential Skills Bank

Essential Skills are desired traits or abilities that your organization finds necessary and would like to track, maintain, and nurture as you move forward.  

To begin, OnBoard offers a variety of common skills essential to many organizations pre-populated for you to choose from.  You can also create your own custom skills, and your users can add their own skills to their profile, allowing you to incorporate those later.


Choosing Skills

On this first step, we'll want to choose any skills we'd like to add to the Skills Bank. Choosing from the existing list of skills can be done by left-clicking on the desired skill.


Selected skills will be highlighted, and can be de-selected by left-clicking again and choosing Deselect.


Each time a skill is updated and the change is saved to OnBoard, you'll receive a toast message at the bottom center of the screen indicating "Skill updated successfully."


Editing Existing Skills

To rename a skill you can left-click the skill to bring up the same menu, and choose Rename.


This will give you a prompt to enter a name that is different than the current Skill Name, and if any users are currently assigned you'll be notified how many have this skill set.


Changing the name will not unassign those skills from the users, so it would be recommended to avoid changing a skill to be inaccurate. For example, changing a Coaching skill to something completely unrelated, like cooking.

If an existing skill has the same name you're trying to enter, you'll be notified a skill is already named this, to avoid duplication and inaccurate skill counts.


Deleting Skills

Skills can be deleted by left-clicking the Skill Name, and choosing Delete Skill from the skill menu.


You will receive a prompt when deleting a skill that also notifies you if users have this skill assigned.

Important Note: This step is permanent and cannot be undone. Deleted skills and assigned values cannot be restored.


Creating Custom Skills

If there are skills you need that aren't in the pre-populated options, you can go down to Custom Skills and click Create Custom Skill.


Enter in a new skill name to add it to your Custom Skills list.


Click Create Custom Skill to add to your Skill bank.


The new Custom Skill will then be added under Custom Skills, and be selected automatically.


Selecting Skills Reported by Members

If your users have added additional skills to their profile, those will appear at the bottom of your Essential Skills page for review. A section with these new skills called Additional Skills Reported By Members will appear below Custom Skills


These member-reported skills can be added to your Essential Skills for selection by left-clicking the skill name with the eye icon mceclip4.png next to it, then selecting Add to Essential Skills.


The skill will then appear under Custom Skills and will be auto-selected as an Essential Skill.

If you prefer that the item not be visible to members and able to be selected by them, you can select Hide On Matrix & Chart for the skill to be hidden from your Matrix & Chart, and unable to be set as a Custom Skill for others to choose from.


You can also select Show On Matrix & Chart for the skill to show on your Matrix & Chart, but isn't set as a Custom Skill for others to choose from.


The visibility of the skill on the Matrix & Chart will be shown as an eye icon mceclip4.png if the item is shown on the Matrix and Chart, or as a greyed-out eye icon mceclip7.png with a slash over to indicate it is hidden from the Matrix & Chart. 


These can be renamed or deleted like other skills. We'll walk through how members can add their own skills to their profiles later.

How Administrators Can Capture Member Skills

Once you've selected the skills you'd like to set as Essential Skills, you can click Next or Capture Member Skills near the top of the screen.


On this page, we will select users and add skills to those members. It will then also be possible to set a skill level value to each member's skills.


Selecting Members

To select members, you'll just click one or member to select them. Clicking the member again will deselect them.



Users can be filtered by their groups to make member selection and skill assignment easier.

To do this, you'll just click on Filter By Group, and you can check 1 or more groups to filter your members by.


The members listed on the left will be filtered based on who is in the selected groups in the filter.


Once you have users selected, you can use the panel to the right to set the skills for those selected users.


You can left-click to select a skill, and once your desired skills are selected click Apply Skills.


The applied skills will then be assigned to the selected members with a default value of 3.

Important Note: Selecting multiple users then setting a skill will set that skill for all selected users.


You can click on Clear All above the user list to clear your member selections to view the listed member skills more fully.



Assigning Skill Experience Values

Skill Experience values help to track the experience level of your members and their skills. This can help in later reports to track weaknesses or strengths in certain Essential Skills for the organization.

Once members have a skill assigned you can click on the number value set to the skill to change the set value. The higher the number, the higher the member will be ranked on skill experience.



Assigning experience values is not required, but can help in the reports later that depend on the strength of the skill values. 

Notifying Your Members to Report Their Skills

Once skills have been assigned and experience values have been set, members can be notified to check on the values set and report their skills.

You can click Next or click Reach Out to Your Members.


On this page members can be selected to have a notification sent to them so they can confirm the assigned skills or report any skills and their levels of experience.


By default, all users who had skills added and assigned in the previous step will be pre-selected to be notified. However you can also Filter By Group and manually select or deselect other users.

Once your users are selected, you can click Notify.


You'll then be presented with an option to send a custom message with your notification if you'd like to add any clarifications other information.


Once you've notified your members to report their skills, the users should receive an email with a Reminder to Report Your Skills. Once they click Edit Skills in the email, they'll be asked to log in to OnBoard and will be brought to their Profile to the Skills section ready for them! 



Members can report their skills by being notified that they have skills to report as above or by logging in to OnBoard and going to their profile. Your Board Members can follow the steps in this Article for Reporting Skills for Skills Tracking.

Skills Tracking Matrix and Chart

Once your members have reported their skills you can review them from the Skills Tracking Matrix and Skills Tracking Chart.

Skills Tracking Matrix

The Skills Tracking Matrix will be displayed automatically when you have the Essential Skills set. 

Your Members will be listed across the horizontal axis, and the skills along the vertical axis, with members' experience in a skill being listed along the matrix below their name. This will show in a "Heat Map" display with the darkest values being the most experienced in a skill.


Skills reported by members in their profiles will display in a separate section below the Essential Skills called Additional Skills Reported.


To navigate to users further down the view on the matrix, you can scroll using the scroll-bar at the bottom of the Skills Panel.


Skills Tracking Chart

You can access the Skills Tracking Chart by left-clicking on the Matrix and Chart toggle at the top left of the Skills Panel, then clicking Chart.


Here you will find a radar chart displaying the aggregate experience of your members' skills.


If you mouse over the point on each skill it will display the users with experience in that skill.


Skills set to Show on Matrix & Chart will be displayed with a pink dot near the skill on the Chart.



Filtering and Exporting Skills Data

Filtering by Group, Skill, or Member

You can filter the matrix and chart by Group, Skill, or Member. Select Show Filters to bring up the filter options. 


Use the Groups filter to just show the skills data on the chart and matrix for one or more groups.


Use the Skills filter to show the data for only a select set of skills. 


Use the Members filter to see the skills data for one or more members. 


Exporting Skills Data

When in the Matrix view, use the Export button to export the skills matrix data as .CSV document. 


When in the Chart view, use the Export button to export a .PNG version of the Skills Chart. 


The exports will respect the filtering options. So, you can filter and export only the necessary data.



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