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Members can report their skills after being notified that they have skills to report or by logging in to OnBoard and going to their profile.

Review the article below to learn how to report your skills on the computer or OnBoard's phone and tablet apps.

Reporting Your Skills on the Computer

To access your profile on your preferred web browser, click on your name in the bottom left corner, then Profile.


Once you arrive at your Profile you can go to Skills and click Edit Details. 


Clicking on an assigned skill will allow you to change your experience level.


You can also select any listed skills that may apply to you and report your experience level on these as well.


If you'd like to report a skill that you don't see above, just click on Add Skill.


Your Administrator will then see this skill in the skills list and can choose to make this option visible or to add it to the organization's Essential Skills!

Reporting Your Skills on the Phone & Tablet Apps

To access your profile on the phone or tablet apps you can select your name or image in the Directory. 

On the phone you can access your profile by tapping on the three-dotted menu on the bottom right of the screen. On the tablet, you can access your profile by tapping on Profile & Settings on the bottom left of the screen.

From there, select your name or image to access your profile. 


Scroll down to the Skills section and select Edit.


You'll see your organization's skill bank. Select all skills that apply to you. 

Once selected, tap the number to the right of the skill to adjust your proficiency as necessary.


If you have additional skills you'd like to report outside of your organization's skill bank, scroll down to the Additional Skills section and select Create Additional Skill. Type out the skill and tap Create. Then adjust your proficiency as necessary.


Once complete select Save Changes, and you'll have saved your skills. 


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