OnBoard Quick Start Guide - Downloading the App, Logging In, Setting up Your Profile

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Welcome to OnBoard! This Quick Start reference is designed to guide you through your initial access to OnBoard. This process should take 3-5 minutes and covers accepting your invitation to join your organization, setting up your profile, and downloading the mobile application for your device of choice. 

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Part 1: Installing or Accessing the OnBoard Application

If you wish to utilize OnBoard's robust mobile application to access your meetings, documents, and messages on the go, the first step is to get the app installed on whichever platform you wish to use. The OnBoard mobile application is available on:

  • iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone) from the Apple App Store
  • Android Devices (phones and tablets) from the Google Play Store
  • Kindle Fire, from the Google Play Store

Alternatively, you can access OnBoard from your laptop or desktop computers (both Windows or MacOS) from the device's web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. 

How to Access OnBoard from a Web Browser

Open up your favorite web browser on your laptop or desktop computer and visit the following URL:  https://app.onboardmeetings.com .  Use your OnBoard ID credentials to get logged in. (We'll discuss those in Part 2 below.)



iOS App Installation


To install the iOS mobile application, first locate your device's Apple App Store icon and give it a click to launch the store. 

Once you have the Apple App Store open, click the Search button.


Next, type "OnBoard Meetings" into the search bar. (These screenshots are from an iPhone, but the process is similar on an iPad.) 


Once you locate the OnBoard Meetings app, click the "GET" button to begin downloading! The application is absolutely free, but you may be required to enter your Apple account password. Once the app has finished downloading, you'll find the OnBoard App icon on your device's home screen. 


Android App Installation


To install the Android mobile application, first locate your device's Google Play Store icon and give it a click to launch the store. 


Once you have the Google Play App Store open, use the Search feature to type in "OnBoard" or "OnBoard Meetings". 


Once you find the OnBoard App, simply tap the button that says "Free" or "Install". The app will begin to install immediately. Once the installation is complete, the OnBoard Android app can be launched from the device's home screen. 

Part 2: Logging into OnBoard & Accepting the Invitation

This part of the guide will walk you through accepting your invitation to OnBoard and using your credentials to get logged in. 

Accepting the OnBoard Invitation

You can continue the account creation process from any of the supported device types mentioned above. Your Onboard administrator will send you an email invitation from notifications@airway.passageways.com.

Note: If your administrator has sent you an invitation, but you haven't received an email, you may need to make sure you can receive emails from OnBoard. Please take a look at our article Troubleshooting: Not receiving any emails from OnBoard for steps on resolving email issues.

When viewing the email invitation, first copy the Temporary Password and then select Sign in Now. 


This will open the Create Password screen on your preferred web browser. First, paste or type the Temporary Password in the Your Temporary Password field. 

Then enter and confirm your preferred password and select Change Password.


Your password must meet these password complexity requirements:

  • Password must contain at least one lowercase character.
  • Password must contain at least one upper-case character.
  • Password must be more than 8 characters long.
  • Password must contain at least one of these special characters:  ! @ # $ % ^ & * ?

If a password requirement isn't met, you'll be prompted with red text below the password field.


Once you've successfully completed your password, you'll be logged into your OnBoard organization. 


If you are primarily using a web browser to sign in, we recommend bookmarking the sign in page, https://app.onboardmeetings.com, for future logins.

The process is the same on the phone or tablet app. We recommend downloading the IOS or Android apps prior to activating your account. 


Part 3: Completing your User Profile

That’s it! You can now navigate around OnBoard, access your meetings and documents with ease. You may wish to set up your profile by clicking your name or photo inthe bottom left corner of the screen and selecting "Profile", as shown in the screenshot below.




This will allow you to enter any profile information that you would like to share, including a profile picture.



Clicking "Edit Details" on any of these panels will let you add further profile information. You can find expanded information about setting your User Profile information and settings from the web here: Managing Your User Profile & Settings (Web).

Or if you'd like to change settings from one of the OnBoard mobile apps: Managing Your User Profile & Settings (Mobile).

If you are a member of more than one organization, you can customize this particular profile to the organization you’re currently logged into.



Clicking on the Settings tab will take you to your account-specific settings.



In the top Settings panel you can Change your OnBoard ID and Password, enable Two-Factor Authentication, add a Third Party Sign-in option.



Further below you can also edit your settings specific to the Organization you're currently logged into, such as if you'd like to receive Email notifications, set an Alternate email address to receive Notifications to, and also you can delegate any Administrator permissions you currently have in the organization to another user.  At the bottom of the Settings, you have the option to manually create a Signature or Initial to use in OnBoard, or to upload an image file of your signature. 


OnBoard Group Trainings:

If you are interested, we do offer further education. You can find the calendar and register for OnBoard Board Member/Director group training sessions by clicking here

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