Accepting Your OnBoard Invitation

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
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Once your administrator has invited you to an OnBoard organization, you'll receive an email invitation from

Note: If your administrator has sent you an invitation, but you haven't received an email, you may need to make sure you can receive emails from OnBoard. Please take a look at our article Troubleshooting: Not receiving any emails from OnBoard for steps on resolving email issues.

Note: If you're accepting your invitation on a phone or tablet, we recommend downloading the IOS or Android apps prior to activating your account. 

When viewing the email invitation, first copy the Temporary Password and then select Sign in Now. 


This will open the Create Password screen on your preferred web browser. First, paste or type the Temporary Password in the Your Temporary Password field. 

Then enter and confirm your preferred password and select Change Password.


Your password must meet these password complexity requirements:

  • Password must contain at least one lowercase character.
  • Password must contain at least one upper-case character.
  • Password must be more than 8 characters long.
  • Password must contain at least one of these special characters:  ! @ # $ % ^ & * ?

If a password requirement isn't met, you'll be prompted with red text below the password field.


Once you've successfully completed your password, you'll be logged into your OnBoard organization. 


If you are primarily using a web browser to sign in, we recommend bookmarking the sign in page,, for future logins.

The process is the same on the phone or tablet app. We recommend downloading the IOS or Android apps prior to activating your account. 




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