Managing the Time Zone for Meeting Notifications and Exported Materials

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
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Times on your meeting email notifications and exported materials (meeting books, agendas, minutes) will be based on your Organization Time Zone settings.  Below we'll show you how OnBoard displays times to your users and how you can set the time zone of your notifications and exported materials.

Organization Time Zone

OnBoard allows your organization to set a specific time zone to keep your notifications and exported materials consistent.
This setting ensures that meeting email notifications and anything exported from OnBoard (such as minutes, table of contents, approval timestamps, etc.) has the same time zone.

Important Note: This setting has no effect on your Meeting times. Meeting times are localized based on the time zone set in the device used to view the meeting.


You can set the time zone for your entire Organization's notifications and exported items from Settings in the left navigation, and scroll down to Time Zone.



The Time Zone selected in your Organization  Settings will be consistent for your notifications and exported items regardless of what time zone the meeting is displayed in OnBoard. 


In the example below:

  1. The organization's Time Zone settings are set to Pacific Time.
  2. The meeting organizer is located in Eastern Time, and the meeting is scheduled for 12pm EST.
  3. The meeting's exported agenda will appear in 9am PST.
  4. The meeting notification email will appear in 9am PST. 




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