OnBoard Troubleshooting Checklist

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
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These checklists are to help your admins & users identify and fix common issues that may arise when becoming familiar with the OnBoard meeting platform.  Of course if you need additional help you should free to reach out to our Support Team at HELP@PASSAGEWAYS.COM or dial 765-535-1880 Option 1. for OB tech support.

Why can't my meeting attendee see a meeting/open a book?

  1. Check Permissions for meeting- Was the attendee made a reader?
  2. Check visibility of the meeting- Is the meeting still unpublished or all visible in order to open book?
  3. Is the mobile device in offline mode? Make sure the user is connected to the Internet to update meetings.
  4. Does the mobile device have the most up to date OnBoard App?
  5. Does the mobile device have the latest operating system?

Why didn't my readers get notified about the Meeting?

  1. Has the meeting been published?
  2. Verify the reader was invited to the meeting.
  3. In the user personal settings do they have email notifications disabled or enabled?
  4. Verify the user does not have @passageways.com email addresses blocked by spam filters.
  5. Verify the user is not disabled in the master directory view.

Why can't I reset my users Password?

  1. Does the user have access to multiple OnBoard Organizations using the same login?  If so an admin cannot reset the password of the users account.  The user must reset their own password using the link on the OnBoard login screen.

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