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    Managing Voting and Non-Voting members in the same Committee/Board.

    It comes up frequently with organizations I work with that when they start working with approvals they need an easier way to manage the voting and non voting members of committees.  I.E. Loan Commi...

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    OnBoard Troubleshooting Checklist

    These checklists are to help your admins & users identify and fix common issues that may arise when becoming familiar with the OnBoard meeting platform.  Of course if you need additional help you s...

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    Hi Linda, A good way some of the teams I work with do this is using the E signature tool.   With one of the banks that I work with the admin puts an initial option at the top right corner of each p...

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    Hi Stan,   We don't have a limit on file size however,  if your user is using an old browser like IE 11 they may experience issues uploading large files.   I would suggest trying uploading the same...

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    Hi Jessica, The Dashboard function is a part of our new Collaboration suite package which also includes the ability to share your meeting notes with other directors. In addition, next year we will ...