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The Organization Administrator is the most important role in OnBoard; without at least one an organization will be left with no ability to add new items, invite users, or manage permissions.  An Administrator leaving without delegating permissions could leave your organization in a situation where there are currently no Administrators listed in your Directory. 

  • Important Note: An Administrator would use the Delegate Admin Permissions to transfer their own permissions to another Organization Administrator. The user being selected in this process will receive permissions from the user Delegating.
  • Important Note: If an Administrator has left the organization prior to Delegating their Admin Permissions, it will require back end support. Please review our section on Recovering Admin Permissions for more information. 

This is useful when an administrator is leaving an organization, will be out of the office, or if another administrator joins the organization and needs admin access to prior meetings, etc. 

Steps for Permission Delegation

As the Administrator transferring their permissions to another user, you will:

1. Login to OnBoard, using your OnBoard ID, as an Organization Admin

2. Click your profile on the bottom left corner of your screen and then click 'Profile'

3. Select Settings on the top of your window.


4. Select Delegate Admin Permissions, click continue after reading the confirmation prompt. 


5. Select a Member from the list.


6. Enter your OnBoard ID password. This may take a few minutes to find all the permissions.

7. Once the delegation has completed, the on-screen modal when disappear. If the user has been excluded from anything, then you will receive a message box with the conflicts. Review the permission transfer details. 

You can continue and ignore conflicts or cancel and change the permissions on the items specified. Canceling at this point and fixing the permissions is the recommended practice.

8. Refresh the browser of the user who has had permissions transferred to them and make sure they have the appropriate access. 

Recovering Admin Permissions When A User Has Left The Organization

An Administrator leaving without delegating permissions could leave your organization in a situation where there are currently no Administrators listed in your Directory. But don't worry, we can help!

  • Be sure to always have at least one extra Organization Administrator as a backup in case someone is ill or removed from the organization.
  • Before an Organization Administrator leaves, have them Delegate their permissions to another user using the steps outlined above. 

An Organization Administrator is a very high level of access and will require authorization before OnBoard Support can process the transfer of permission. Below is a list of what is required:

  • Confirm the previous Organization Administrator's account is listed in the Directory.
    • If they were previously removed, add them back to the Directory with the email they used for their account (it is not required to send the invitation).
  • OnBoard ID Email address for the previous Organization Administrator
  • OnBoard ID Email address for the new Administrator(s) (It is strongly recommended to have more than one Organization Administrator)
  • An email or written permission from a C-Level member of your board (CEO/CIO/CTO/President/Chair of the Board/etc), permitting OnBoard Support to perform the delegation of Permissions to the new Administrator. 

Once you have that information, you can reach out to OnBoard Support in the following ways:

OnBoard Support will notify the requestor once the delegation(s) have been completed.


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