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Josh Gurley
Josh Gurley
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Do you have a PDF document on your computer that is landscape, but when you upload it to OnBoard, it displays as portrait? Or an e-Signature block that seems to be rotated even though the document isn't?This article explains why and how to fix it. 

Why This Happens:
There is something called meta-data in all PDFs that tells web-browsers, PDF Readers, and other software how to display a PDF. Your computer will often try to be "helpful" by displaying the document in a way that it thinks is correct, even if the meta-data tells it otherwise. For this reason, sometimes people find that their computer shows a PDF in landscape, even though technically its in a portrait orientation. 

How To Fix This With Adobe Acrobat Reader: 
1. Open the document in PDF reader
2. Go to "Print"
3. Under Printers, select "Microsoft Print to PDF"
4. Go to the bottom of that same popup, and you'll see "Orientation". Change it from "auto portrait/Landscape" to just "landscape" or just "portrait" according to how you want the document to display. 
5. Press Print (you aren't actually printing, this will pull up a save screen). 
6. Once the document is saved, upload it to OnBoard. 

Note: You can also open the document in your web browser and repeat the same steps as described above to resolve the issue.

Basically what this does is strips out all the meta data that is causing it to appear correct on your computer but wrong in the computer browser, and forces it to the desired orientation. 

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