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This guide walks you through how to link your Teams account to OnBoard so that you can instantly create a Teams meeting for any OnBoard meeting.

To learn how to create and join a meeting after your Teams account is linked, review our article on Creating a Remote Meeting in OnBoard. 

Before we begin, you must first be set as the Organization's Administrator, and have your Teams account login credentials available. 

Setting up the Teams Integration

Navigate to the Settings page. From here click the Feature tab at the top of the page and scroll down until you see the Teams Video Meeting section. Click the Connect Teams Account button.


You'll be redirected to the Microsoft login page. Enter your Microsoft credentials and Sign in. 


Once you've signed into Microsoft, your Teams account will be available to use for Teams meetings in OnBoard. 

Note: If you are already signed into Microsoft, OnBoard will automatically connect your Teams account when clicking on the Connect Teams Account button.

After you've linked your Teams account, you and other Admins can add additional Teams accounts with the + Add Account button. 


For information on how to create new Teams Meetings from inside OnBoard, be sure to check out this article: Creating a Remote Meeting in OnBoard.

Note: If you haven't utilized your Teams account in OnBoard for 90 or more days, you will be prompted to sign into Teams again to refresh your connection. 


Disabling the Teams Integration in OnBoard

From the same location the Teams account was integrated, we can choose to disable the link between OnBoard and your Teams account.

In the Settings, click the Feature tab, scroll down to the Teams Video Meeting section, then click the Remove button next to the account you'd like to remove. 




Use Cases

      • Create and schedule Teams meetings directly from within OnBoard.

      • Join Teams meetings easily from a meeting in OnBoard.


      • Must have an OnBoard Administrator account

      • Must have a Microsoft Teams account


    • Q: Can I have more than one Teams account linked to OnBoard?
      • A: OnBoard does allow multiple Teams accounts to be linked for easier remote meeting management.
    • Q: Can more than one meeting be held concurrently?
      • A: Yes. Teams will generate a unique link for each meeting, so meetings can be held concurrently. 
    • Q: Can I edit the Teams Meeting Details after the meeting is created?
      • A: The Teams Meeting Details (Link, Password, and Remote Meeting ID) cannot be edited after the meeting is created in OnBoard. However, removing the link and generating a new Teams meeting link will add new information. 
    • Q: Will anything change with how I run and engage in my Teams meeting?
      • A: No. Teams will open in the native Teams application, and you'll have all the functionality of Microsoft Teams for your meeting. 
    • Q: Do you need to have a Teams account to attend a Teams meeting through OnBoard?
      • A: No. If you open a Teams meeting from OnBoard you'll have the option to open up Teams in the web browser which will not require a Teams account. 
    • Q: What happens if I don't use my Teams account in OnBoard for 90 or more days?
      • A: If you haven't utilized your Teams account in OnBoard for 90 or more days, you will be prompted to sign into Teams again to refresh your connection. 
    • Q: Will a meeting be added to my calendar when generating a Teams meeting link in OnBoard?
      • A: No. The Teams meeting link will be generated independently of the account owner's calendar. Use OnBoard's Calendar Integration feature to send a calendar event to your meeting invitees directly from OnBoard. 


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