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Announcements are a great way for you to send any sort of custom communication to the users in your OnBoard Organization. To send an announcement, navigate to your Dashboard by clicking Dashboard in the left navigating, then locate the Announcement panel.
(Note: If you do not see the Announcement Panel, you'll need to add it to the Dashboard by first clicking Configure in the top right corner of the Dashboard Page.)


Click "Add New" to create a new Announcement to add to the panel.


This will open up a panel to the left to create the new Announcement. You can begin filling in the details of your message here!


Optionally you can include an expiration date, hyperlinks, and image. Note: if you "pin" the announcement you will not be able to set an expiration date.

Note: For images to appear consistent across the web browser and mobile application, square images (1:1 ratio) work best. 


If you'd like to choose which Groups will receive this Announcement you'll scroll down to "Publish to Groups." By default, All Organization Members should be selected. Announcements can only be set to go to everyone in the org, or to the Groups you select here, they cannot be sent to specific users.

To send the Announcement as a Notification to your users and add it to the Announcements Panel, click on "Draft" at the top right corner of the Publish Announcement panel and set the status to "Published".

Once you do this and click Save, you'll be prompted to notify the selected Groups via an in-app, email, and/or mobile Notification with the contents of the Announcement.


If you'd prefer not to send a notification to your users the new Announcement will still show for the users from the groups selected when they view the Announcement panel on the Dashboard page.


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