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The Organization Details page contains your organization's contact information, logo, social media links, and more. Organization Administrators can edit this page to update the organization's info any time. This is where the Organization Name and logo can be changed and the Organization Firmographics can be set.

Editing your Organization Name and Uploading a Logo

To access Organization Details you'll just click on Dashboard in the left navigation, then the Organization Details tab near the top of the screen.  Any of these panels can be edited by first clicking on the EDIT button out to the right. (NOTE: If the panel is completely empty, the button may appear as an ADD button instead).  


To add a logo and edit the name of the Organization as an Administrator, just click Edit to the right side of the very top panel with your Organization name listed.


The Organization Name field can be directly edited here.


To upload an Organization Logo, mouse over the image placeholder and click when it brings up the Edit icon.


You'll be able to upload PNG, JPG, and GIF images for your Organization Logo.

Note: There is no minimum size requirement for your logo. However, small images can be distorted and logos are best displayed when the size ratio is 1:1 (square). 

Once you're finished editing the Organization Name and Logo, click Save.


The changes will be visible immediately!


Organization Profile

Use Organization Profile to list the firmographic information for your organization.


Editing the Organization Contact Info

Organization Contact Info can be very helpful to have in case board members may need to find address, phone number, or website information for the organization. Click Edit at the top right corner of the Organization Contact Info panel to manage this information.


Contact information such as the address, phone number, fax number, and organization website can be added here for quick reference for any Organization member.

Once this information has been updated you can click Save at the top right corner of the panel to save your changes.


Editing Social Media Links

Social Media links can also be added by clicking Edit on the Social panel.


You'll be able to add your Organization's URLs for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can click Save at the top right corner of the panel to save your links.


Once saved, your members will be able to visit the Organization Info tab to access the social links.


Editing Board Leadership

The Board Leadership panel can be edited by clicking Edit. 


CEO/President, Chair, and Board Secretary can all be set from the Organization's current OnBoard directory by beginning to type a user name in and clicking on the name, or you can manually enter a name that is not in the directory. 


You can then click Save at the top right corner to save the Board Leadership information.



OnBoard Group Trainings:

If you are interested, we do offer further education. You can find the calendar and register for OnBoard Admin group training sessions by clicking here

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