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OnBoard's Dashboard is a customizable landing page. This page can be used to post Announcements and links for your members to quickly access their Meetings, Resource documents, and Actions. 

The Dashboard will also contain tabs for Organization Details and Plan Details. Review our articles on managing those items for more information.

Depending on your service package level with OnBoard, you may have the ability to customize the panels that display on the Dashboard landing page.

Important Note: Customers with the Legacy Core package will only have the option to Create and Manage Announcements. If you'd like to learn more about the Dashboard and upgrade to get these enhanced features, please reach out to your CSM!

Managing The Dashboard Landing Page

To access the Dashboard, just click Dashboard (with a house icon) in the navigation.



Click the Configure button in the upper right corner of the screen to start changing your Dashboard!



To add a new Panel to your dashboard, click Add Panel, and select it from the list of available options. 


We can choose five different panels to add to the Dashboard landing page. but we can choose these five more than once. As an example, perhaps you’d like to have your Welcome panel, an Announcement panel, and two Resource panels (with different folders). That is possible!


 Your existing panels can be easily reordered by clicking the drag-handle to the left of each Panel's name. 



Dashboard Panel Types

The Welcome Dashboard Panel

The Welcome Panel is a great way to introduce a new member of the team to your organization or to simply provide a nice message for all users to view when they initially log into OnBoard.



The Welcome Panel’s edit screen can be accessed from the Edit Content button on the top right corner of the panel.


This is where you can change the title of the panel, the message inside, as well as add a picture to your message. 



You can click Save Changes at the top right corner to save and close the Edit Content view.

This will return you to the Dashboard to view your new Welcome Panel!




The Announcements Dashboard Panel

Announcements are an excellent means of communication through OnBoard.

Announcements can be viewed and sent directly from the Announcements Dashboard Panel.  The panel can be edited to show a various number of recently sent announcements. For more information on how to create an announcement, please be sure to check out the Creating and Managing Announcements article.



The Meetings Dashboard Panel

The Meetings Panel will display the next few upcoming meetings relevant to you! Not only does this list provide a quick look at what is on the schedule, but it also functions as a set of shortcut hyperlinks. Click any meeting in the list to view its full details.



You can change the Upcoming Meetings Panel's name and the number of upcoming meetings your users will see by clicking Configure in the top right corner of the panel.



You can enter a new name and change the number of meetings displayed, then click Save to confirm and update the panel.



The Resources Dashboard Panel

Do you have a Resource folder full of commonly-accessed documents? Placing a shortcut to them in the Resource Panel on the Dashboard page can help save valuable time!



In fact, placing multiple Resource panels on the Dashboard will allow you to display multiple different folders of Resource materials.


Once it's been added, you can easily select a Resource folder to display on the Resources Panel by clicking the Select Folder button near the top right corner of the panel.



You can select any folder that you currently have permission to, and users will only see content in this panel that they have permission to view.



To display a sub-folder you can click into a root folder.



After selecting a folder to display, just click Select Folder.




By default, the Resources panel will have a title of Supplementary Materials once added. To change this, the number of items to display, and the folder selection, just click Configure at the top right corner of the panel.



You can edit the Panel Display Name, set a new number of Resource items to display, and select the new folder, then click Save at the bottom right of the window to update your Resources Panel!




The Actions Dashboard Panel

Important Actions, such as Approvals, Surveys, and eSignatures can all be configured to appear inside the Actions Panel. This allows quick and easy access to participate in any of these actions.  By default, the Actions Panel will display all current Open Actions the user currently has permission to view.



You can even edit this panel to choose a specific type of Action to display, which means multiple Actions Panels can be used to separate each different type on your Dashboard! 

To change these options, just click Configure at the top right corner of the Actions Panel.



You can edit the Actions Panel's display name directly. You can also select the Type of Actions to Display from the dropdown for this Panel.



After setting your preferred name for the panel, the Actions to Display, and the number of items you'd like to display on the Panel, click Save to update your Actions Panel!



Customizing Your Dashboard Webinar Recording

If you'd like some additional information, ideas on how to set up and manage your Dashboard and would like to view a recording of our June 2022 Webinar - Customize Dashboard: The Matrix of Meetings, you can check that out below.




OnBoard Group Trainings:

If you are interested, we do offer further education. You can find the calendar and register for OnBoard Admin group training sessions by clicking here

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