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OnBoard gives you a few different ways to easily navigate around your Meeting List.2023-07-26_17-35-27.png


The Meeting Roller (Right Panel)

The scrollable panel along the right side of the screen will have a list of every meeting you've been granted access to view. By default, this will show your most recent meetings at the top of the list, and older ones near the bottom, but this order can be reversed by clicking the SORT button found to the right of the search panel.


This list will automatically scroll to the closest meetings to "Today's" date.  As you scroll through this list, you can always return to that default scrolling by clicking Today at the top of the panel. Meetings that are in the past will have a greyed-out name, and future meetings will appear in a bolder black font color. 


The Calendar (Top Left Panel)

Quickly skip through months of meetings to find the exact date you're looking for. The multi-colored dot indicators can help you quickly identify which days have meetings, and which groups they represent. Every group you belong to will have its own color code to make it easy to identify meeting types at a glance. Selecting a date in the calendar will auto-scroll to the meetings closest to that date (if there are any), and if there is a meeting for the day you've selected, it will be outlined in the meeting roller to the right.


(Admins Only) If you select a day that does not already have a meeting, you'll have the option to quickly create one and automatically fill in some of the meeting's date details by selecting the Create Meeting button shown here.


Meeting Group Filter (Lower Left Panel)

The Group Filter located in the bottom left corner can be used to narrow down the list of meetings displayed in the Meeting Roller panel. The associated group color can be found next to the groups name, referenced in the calendar panel, and the meeting panel.  For meetings in which you were not invited by group, but by individual user instead - those meetings will be marked with a grey dot. 


Use the checkboxes found in this panel to remove meetings for specific group types out of the list. 

OnBoard Group Trainings:

If you are interested, we do offer further education. You can find the calendar and register for OnBoard Board Member/Director group training sessions by clicking here

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