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The Meeting Visibility dropdown menu allows the Administrator to choose how much of the Meeting other users can see. This is useful for letting your attendees know that a meeting has been scheduled for a particular date, but still keeping the Agenda or the Board Book private until it has been finalized. When a new meeting is created, it is automatically set to the Unpublished visibility state, meaning only the Administrator can see it for now. Use the dropdown menu to select the various states of visibility. 


Meeting Visibility States

For more details on the visibility states, you can click on the mceclip4.png next to the Meeting Visibility dropdown. Below are detailed descriptions on each visibility state. 

  • Unpublished – The default setting for new meetings. Unpublished meetings are only visible to the Meeting’s Admins. This is used to keep the meeting private to other users while Meeting Admins can schedule and add content to the meeting. 

  • Meeting Details Visible – Opens the meeting’s basic information Name, Date/Time and Location) to anyone who has been marked as a “Reader” to the meeting. The Agenda and the Meeting Book will still be hidden from Readers. This state is also when the Contributors may begin uploading documents to their sections.

  • Meeting Details & Agenda Visible – In addition to the Meeting Details, the full Agenda can be seen by anyone who has been invited to the meeting. Documents added to agenda sections will not be visible to Readers of the meeting. This state is when Agenda Section Contributors may begin uploading documents to their permissioned sections.

  • All Visible: Agenda & Book – The final visibility state. This is also considered to be “Published”. The entire meeting, including the details, agenda, and meeting book, is now visible to any user who has been granted access to it.

Notifying Users of Meeting Visibility Changes

Notifying While Updating Visibility

Changing the Meeting Visibility State to any option besides Unpublished will also prompt you to notify users with permissions to the meeting of the changes to the meeting's visibility. You can choose not to notify the users, or include a custom message in your notification.

If you haven't yet sent a Calendar Event from your meeting you can also choose this option so that the meeting will show up on users' Calendar apps.



Sending Reminders When All Visible

When the meeting is All Visible: Agenda & Book, Admins can use the Send Reminder button to send updates. Selecting Send Reminder will also allow Admins to include a custom message. 


Unpublishing a Meeting

You can change the Meeting Visibility at any time as long as the meeting hasn't been archived. If you decide to make the meeting Unpublished to work on without users seeing the changes until you're complete, you can do this.

Changing back to Unpublished will give you the option to delete the linked Calendar Event so it can be removed from users' Calendar apps.


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