Agenda Time Management: The Agenda Pacer Line

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OnBoard includes an Agenda Time Management feature that can help your meetings flow efficiently and end on time. This feature will create a red Pacer Line on the agenda, letting you know where you should be in the meeting, based on the meeting’s Start and End Times and the duration of each individual section. This line will be visible on the Meeting Details page, as well as on the agenda while users have the Book open. Let’s take a look at how to set it up!



Organization Settings

Head down to the Organization Settings button in the main navigation, and switch over to the Features Tab. Here, we’ll find a toggle switch to enable or disable this feature for your organization. If you wish to use the Agenda Pacer line, ensure this is turned on. This step will only need to be completed by the Administrator once.



Meeting Settings

With the feature enabled for the organization, Meeting Administrators can determine if they wish to use the feature for each of their meetings. It can be enabled or disabled for each meeting by navigating to the Meeting’s Settings and using the checkbox next to the Pacer Line option.




Meeting and Agenda Durations

To effectively gauge the pacer line’s location, the Meeting will need to have a complete duration. This means that the Meeting’s Start Date/Time, and the Meeting’s End Date/Time are now both required fields.


In addition, each of your Agenda Sections will need to have its own duration (in minutes). This is configured by clicking Edit Details on any of your agenda items and entering a numerical duration.



As you work your way through the meeting, setting durations section by section, there will be a little context as to what time this section should begin, based off the cumulative duration of the sections before it.  



NOTE: It is entirely possible to leave section durations empty if you wish. Doing so will cause the pacer line to skip that section and restart in the next section that has a duration. Here’s an example:


  • Section 1 – 5-minute duration (Begins at 10am)
  • Section 2 – 10-minute duration (Begins at 10:05am)
  • Section 3 – No duration (section skipped)
  • Section 4 – 5-minute duration. (Begins at 10:15am)


During the Meeting

With all of these options configured and after the start time of the meeting, the red pacer line will appear on screen and begin crawling down the page automatically. It will skip from section to section to help keep your discussions on time.


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