**Resolved** OnBoard 2.6 release delayed until 6-6-18

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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- The 2.6 release was enabled for customer access at approximately 7:30 AM ET, on June 5, 2018

 - At approximately 2:12 that afternoon, Tech Support notified OnBoard Development that users were seeing values that were not being migrated. As soon as this was reported, the release was disabled for any organizations that had not already upgraded.

- Immediately following disabling upgrades, OnBoard Development inspected the reported areas in the code, and found an issue with migration workflows that impacted certain settings in Organizations.  

- After confirming the issue, OnBoard Development worked to fix the known migration issues, and inspect other areas of the migration process for additional inconsistencies. At the same time, OnBoard Development created a script to restore any settings affected to organizations that had updated before 

- Fixes were deployed and tested/verified in an internal staging environment around 6:30 PM ET, and OnBoard Development began the deployment of the fixes to production.

- As of 10:10 PM ET, updated code was pushed to fix the issues with upgrading to 2.6, and all existing organizations that upgraded already yesterday should have any gaps in the data migration mitigated.

- As of 11 PM ET, the OnBoard 2.6 update was made available to all customers.

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