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OnBoard’s Agenda Collaboration can allow any member of an organization to contribute to the planning process of a meeting by reviewing, commenting, and making recommendations to a meeting’s agenda.

Managing Agenda Reviewers

Meeting Administrators are the only users that can manage the Agenda Reviewers. Agenda Reviewers are the invitees of the meeting that can make and resolve comments on agenda items.

To add Agenda Reviewers within a Meeting, select the Comments & Reviewers button on Meeting Details page within the Agenda section, or in the Agenda tab.  

Then select Add or Manage Reviewers. Clicking this button from the Meeting Details page will open the Agenda Reviewer Management window in the Agenda tab.


By default, Meeting Admins will be set as Reviewers and cannot be deselected. Check or uncheck the checkbox next to a meeting invitees name to add them as a Reviewer. Or, use the Select All checkbox to select all meeting invitees.

Important Note: When set as a Reviewer, the meeting details, agenda, and documents will be visible to all Reviewers in any visibility state (including Unpublished) regardless of the Reviewer’s meeting permission.

Select Update Reviewers to complete managing the Reviewers for the meeting.


If new Reviewers have been added, you’ll be prompted to notify the newly added Reviewers.  Include an optional custom message and select notify to notify added reviewers.

Or select don’t notify to add reviewers without sending a notification.


To remind Reviewers to review the agenda and make comments, select Comments & Reviewers and then select Remind Reviewers. Select the Reviewers  to remind, and include an optional custom message with the reminder. 


Viewing Comments

Reviewers can access the meeting and agenda, even when unpublished, via the link in the notification email or via the Meeting list in OnBoard.


If no agenda sections have been added, the Show Comments button will be greyed out for Meeting Readers and Contributors.

Once agenda sections have been added Meeting Admins can access the full list of comments, by selecting Comments & Reviewers and then selecting Show Comments.

Meeting Readers and Contributors can access the full list of comments with the Show Comments Button. These buttons are located in the Agenda in the Meeting Details page and in the Agenda tab.


This will show the comment fly-out with the comment threads for all agenda sections. If no comments have been made, there will be a prompt to add the first comment. 


Select the comment icon on a section to see the comments for just that section. If there are no comments for a section, you’ll be prompted to add a new comment.  


Adding a Comment

Any Reviewer can add a new agenda section comment.

If there are existing comments on the section, use the Add Comment button to add a new comment. Type the comment and select Save Comment to save the comment.


The comment icon will update to reflect the number of open comments on a particular section.


Other Reviewers will receive an email notification that a new comment has been added.


Selecting "View Comment" will take the Reviewer directly to the comment in OnBoard. 

Editing, Deleting, and Replying to Comments

Select Edit to edit the comment. Reviewers can only edit their own comments.

Reviewers can reply to any comment with the Reply button.


The Reviewers in the comment thread will receive an email notification that a reply has been made to the comment thread. Selecting "View Reply" will take the Reviewer directly to the reply in OnBoard.


To delete a comment or a reply, select the Delete button. Only Meeting Admins and the Reviewer that created the comment or reply can delete a comment.

Deleting the initial comment, will not delete the replies. So, the discussion will remain in tact even if the main comment is deleted.

2024-03-14_13-18-06 (2).gif

Note: Deleting a comment or reply is a permanent action and cannot be undone. 

Deleting all replies and the initial comment will remove the entire comment thread. 

2024-03-29_12-24-39 (1).gif

Resolving a Comment

When all necessary actions have been completed in a comment thread, the comment can be Resolved by selecting the Resolve button. Any reviewer can resolve a comment thread.

Resolving a comment will move the comment and replies to the Resolved list. The comment icon in the section will only show the number of open comments. So, resolving the comment will reduce the number of open comments on the icon.

Select the Resolved tab in a section to access the Resolved comments for that section.

Gif Test (1).gif

If there is action that still needs to be taken on the comment, or if it was resolved in error, use the Reopen button to reopen the comment. Any reviewer can reopen a comment.


To access the full list of open and resolved comments for a section, select the All tab.

Comments can be replied to, edited, deleted, resolved, and reopened in this tab as well.

To access the comments for all sections, select the All button at the top left of the fly-out.


Excluding Reviewers from Sections

When a reviewer is excluded from an agenda section, they cannot view or add comments for that section.


Review the Managing Meeting and Agenda Permissions article for more information an excluding meeting invitees from agenda sections.

Deleting All Comments & Clearing Reviewers

To quickly delete all comments and/or clear all Reviewers from having access to comments at once, select the Comments & Reviewers button and then select Delete All Comments & Clear Reviewers. 

Uncheck or check Delete all comments and/or Clear all reviewers and click to continue to delete all comments and replies, clear all reviewers or both.



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