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Welcome to OnBoard's new meeting experience for the iOS and Android apps. 

Meeting Tabs

The meeting's Details, Agenda, Minutes, and Analytics are now separate tabs to better highlight important meeting information. 

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More Pronounced Buttons

Buttons have also been elevated, so that it's easier for meeting invitees to see what items they can interact with. 


New Share Options

There are additional share options for the Meeting. You can now export:

  • A Link to the Meeting
  • Agenda Word document
  • Meeting Book PDF
  • Meeting Book PDF with Annotations
  • Meeting Minutes as a PDF or Word document (if available)


Read below to learn more about how the different sections of the meeting have been improved.

Details Tab

Let's first take a look at the new Details tab. The information has been separated into different panels to better identify key information for the meeting.

Time and Location

The meeting's date, time, and location are now more easily identifiable.


If your meeting organizer has included a valid address, a map will be included. Tapping the map will open the map application on your device, so that you can quickly get directions to the meeting.


Meeting Materials

The Meeting Materials are now easier to identify.

The Open Book button will be visible if you haven't opened your Meeting Book. Tapping Open Book will open your Meeting Book for the meeting. 


If you've previously opened the book, the button will read as Resume Reading Book. Tapping the button will take you to where you last left off.

2023-11-28_11-12-30 copy.png

It's now easier to download the Meeting Book for offline access. If you ever need to review your meeting materials when you don't have access to phone service or WIFI, tap the Download for Offline button to securely download the Meeting Book to the OnBoard app on your device. 


Once downloaded, it will clearly say Saved for Offline so that you know the materials are available for offline access. 

2023-11-28_11-12-30 copy (1).png

Note that if you are connected to WIFI, or if your settings are set to Auto-Download over Cellular Data, the Meeting Book may be automatically downloaded. 

Remote Details

The Remote Meeting Details are now more distinguishable. The Join Remote/Join Teams/Join Zoom button is larger and easier to locate, so you can quickly join your remote meeting from OnBoard.

The grey text in the panel identifies what remote meeting information is available and any notes will  be displayed. Click on See Details to access the full remote meeting details.



Within the Attendance section, the RSVP button is now more pronounced.


Previously, RSVPing would auto-prompt the option to add the calendar event to your calendar. Now, choosing any option other than Not Attending will show the button to Add to Calendar, so that you can add to your calendar at any time of your choosing. 

new rsvp clip (1).gif

Under Attendance you'll also find a preview of the invitee list. Tap to see the full invitee list, view profiles, and message other invitees.


Agenda Tab

The Agenda was previously located below the Meeting Details. The Agenda now has it's own dedicated tab. 


Tap or Swipe to Access Agenda

Tap the Agenda button or simply swipe with your finger to access the Agenda. 

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Updated Agenda Summary

You'll now get a summary of the number of agenda sections and documents included in the agenda. 

Also, you'll be able to see when the agenda and documents were last updated, so you'll be aware of any changes that were recently made to the agenda and meeting materials.


Expanding Agenda Items

Use the Expand All button to expand the entire agenda, or tap the individual sections to expand individual sections.

updated expand all (1).gif

Agenda Section Document Share Options

There are additional share options for agenda section documents. Long press a document for the share options:

  • Open File in Book
  • Share a Link to File
  • Export File

MicrosoftTeams-image (30).png

Meeting Book View - Agenda Updates

New Agenda Design

The agenda in the Meeting Book view has been updated for easy navigation. Sections are now highlighted so you can quickly identify what section you're viewing. 


Long Pressing Agenda Section Documents

Long pressing a document in an agenda section will present the following options:

  • Jump to File
  • Share Link to File
  • Export File

Updated Agenda Navigation Bar

The buttons in the bottom navigation bar have also been updated. The buttons have text, so they're easily identified. The invitee list has also been relocated to the navigation bar. 


Minutes Tab

If the Meeting Minutes are available for a meeting, they'll now be located in their own dedicated tab. 


To download the Meeting Minutes, you'll now use the share button on the top right of the page.


Analytics Tab

Meeting Analytics can now be accessed on their own dedicated tab as well. 


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