Increasing Collaboration in Board and Committee Meetings

Karen Griffin
Karen Griffin
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You have a lot of features at your fingertips to improve board and committee performance. In OnBoard, you can leverage these capabilities to extract more value from members by keeping everyone engaged outside the boardroom. This article highlights three features that drive collaboration and communication and sustain the dialogue between your board and leadership team throughout the meeting cycle.

Shareable Annotations

Shared annotations add fuel to your collaboration. Send any annotation you create with only those you want to see it. It’s a great way to stir new ideas or flag an issue for your colleagues right in the board book.

  • Granular share permissions
  • Real-time syncing between devices
  • Quickly share any notes within OnBoard

Secure Messenger

An enterprise-grade secure messaging service that enables directors, administrators, and executives to chat directly or create group conversations. It strengthens your security by keeping sensitive communications outside of inboxes and text messages.

  • Direct or group messaging
  • Directly link to anything in OnBoard
  • Complete user profiles
  • No need for a second application

Customized Dashboard

Welcome to your homepage for upcoming meetings, news, and more. The Dashboard is an entirely unique workspace for directors to stay engaged prepare for upcoming meetings.

  • Make need-to-know information front and center
  • Link to anything inside or outside of OnBoard     
  • One-touch access to supplementary materials and announcements

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