Resetting Your Password And Unlocking Your Account

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If you ever forget your password in OnBoard, or if you get locked out, you can reset your password on your own. Please follow the steps below. 


Resetting Your Password

On the OnBoard login page,, or on the mobile app login screen, you'll find the "Forgot password?" button. 

Click "Forgot password?" to initiate the password reset process.



On the Account Recovery page, you'll enter your OnBoard ID, which is the email address associated with your account. Then click the "Reset Password" button.



You'll be sent a Password Reset email form OnBoard. Open the email and click on the "Reset Password" button.



This will take you to the New Password screen on the web browser. 

Create your new password and confirm it. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters, have at least one upper-case letter, have at least one lower-case letter, and contain at least one special character (! @ # $ % ^ & * ?). 

Click on Change Password to confirm the change.



On the the phone or tablet, you'll be taken immediately to the OnBoard app to sign in. On the web browser, click on the Sign In button to go to the sign in page.

Enter your OnBoard ID (the email address associated with your account), enter the password you've just set up, and you'll have access to OnBoard!



Unlocking Your Account

If you mistype your password four times, OnBoard will lock you out of your account. This is a security feature enabled so that nobody can guess your password multiple times to get access to your organization's secure information. 

To unlock your account, use the "Forgot password?" button and follow the steps for resetting your password.


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