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Review below to learn how to access and sign eSignature documents in OnBoard.

Accessing eSignature Documents

When a new document requires your signature in OnBoard, eSignature admins can send email notifications and mobile/tablet push notifications. Click or tap the notification to access the eSignature document in OnBoard.


You can also access an eSignature document from within OnBoard. Your eSignature documents will be located in Actions.

To access Actions on the web browser or tablet application, click or tap on Actions in the navigation bar.

To access Actions on the mobile application, tap on the three-dotted menu and then tap Actions.


On the web browser tap on the purple filter button to reveal the action filter buttons. Select the eSignature button to show your eSignatures.

Click or tap on an eSignature that is Awaiting Your Response or Open to access it. 


Signing eSignature Documents

Click or tap on Sign Document to view and sign the document.


Review the document and scroll through the document to locate your signature and initial blocks.

You can also quickly access the signature and initial blocks by clicking or tapping the Next and Previous buttons.


Click or tap on the box to submit your signature or initials. Use your mouse, finger, or stylus to sign. Click Sign Document or Done when complete. Select Clear to clear the signature and resign.


If you've saved a signature and/or initials to your profile it will populate automatically. 

If you'd like to save your signature to your profile for future use, select Save signature to profile.


Once you've completed all signatures, no more action is required. You can click Back or tap Close to exit the document.


Once the eSignature admin has closed the eSignature, you can download the signed document by clicking Download Document on the web. Select the share button on the mobile or tablet app to share the document or save it to your device. 

*NOTE: eSignature admins can disable downloading of the signed document. 



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