Voting On And Viewing Approvals

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Voting on an Approval From Email Notification

Voting on an Approval in OnBoard can usually be done in just a few clicks!

If you received a notification email from OnBoard to vote, you can click on the "Vote Now" button to log in to OnBoard and jump directly to the Approval. 


Once you log in and open the Approval, you may find Supporting Documents or Discussions available to view or participate in. To jump right to voting you can find the Cast Vote panel and choose between Yes, No, and Abstain.



Some votes may require a signature once cast. Using a saved signature or signing manually and clicking Sign and Vote will submit your vote and signature.


Once cast, you can change your vote at any time while the Approval is still open.

You can view your previous voting history near the Cast Vote panel, which will also list your current vote.



Important Note: Once an Approval has been Closed, it will no longer be possible to vote or change your vote.



Accessing Approvals in OnBoard

Alternatively, you can also log in to OnBoard through the mobile app or from your browser (via the link here: Then go to Actions. On smartphones, you may need to tap the "..." button and then Actions.


Near the top of the Actions screen will be the Actions Filters. Click Approvals to filter by Approvals if you have multiple Actions listed on the page. Below this, you'll find the Actions separated into a few different categories.

The top of this list will be the "Awaiting Your Response" section which will allow you to see the items that you need to vote on or respond to.


Important Note: If you don't see the Actions filter items, click on the button with 3 lines to the right of the filter bar to expand the filters.



You can remove a filter to see all Action types again by clicking the highlighted filter option again.




If Discussions are enabled on your Approval, you can open to view any comments or documents added and join the conversation.



Comments and files will appear from oldest to newest. You can click on the file name to view it within OnBoard.


If you've uploaded a file, you can click the 3 vertical dot icon to rename or delete the file. If downloads are enabled for your Approval, you can also download a version of the file.



Approval Results

If your Administrator has made the vote results visible, you can scroll down to the Approval Results panel.


After you've voted, you can return to Actions at any time to view the Approval or update your vote (if the Approval is still open.) 


Otherwise, you may need to expand (or contract) sections like Closed to find your Approval.



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