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In OnBoard you can view any past, current, or upcoming meetings on your computer or mobile device. Below are detailed instructions on how to navigate the meeting list in OnBoard.

Navigating the Meeting List Video - Web Browser

Navigating the Meeting List Video - Tablet App

Accessing the Meeting List

To access the meeting list on the web or tablet app, click on the Meetings icon on the left hand navigation bar. 

To access the meeting list on the mobile app, click on the Meetings icon on the bottom of the screen.


Navigating Past, Current, and Upcoming Meetings

To navigate the meeting list on the web, use the scroll bar on the right of the page or scroll up and down with your mouse wheel. 

On the mobile or tablet app, you can use your finger to scroll through the page. 

On the web, your past meetings will be listed with grey text, and your current and upcoming meetings will be listed with bold text.

On the mobile or tablet app, there will be two tabs at the top of the page. One for "Upcoming Meetings" and one for "Past Meetings". Toggle between these tabs to view your past and upcoming meetings.

To access a meeting, click or tap anywhere on the meeting bubble.


Once in the meeting, you'll be able to view the meeting details, agenda, and meeting documents if they've been made visible. 


Searching by Meeting Title

You can search the titles of all your meetings by keyword by using the search bar on the top of the page. 


Changing the Meeting List Order

On the web application you can adjust the order of the meeting list.

Click on the two arrows on the top right-hand side of the screen to change the orientation of your meetings to newest to oldest or oldest to newest. 


Using the Calendar Panel

The Calendar Panel offers advanced filtering options on the web application.

Click on the panel icon on the top left-hand side of the Meeting List to open the Calendar Panel. 

2023-07-25_17-22-06 (1).gif

You can navigate through the calendar to find your meetings by date. The dots underneath the dates will correlate to the groups that have been added to the meetings. You can hover over the meeting dates to see the meetings scheduled on that date.

2023-07-25_17-28-24 (1).gif

Filter between your Upcoming Meetings and Past Meetings with the Filter Meetings options.

2023-07-25_17-38-23 (1).gif

At the bottom of the panel will be the list of all groups you are a member of. To see just the meetings that those groups have been invited to select or deselect the groups.

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