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If you're in OnBoard and ready to join your meeting remotely, your meeting organizer can configure your remote meeting in a few different ways:

  • Creating a link to any remote meeting software (Join Remote)
  • Utilizing OnBoard's Teams Integration (Join Teams)
  • Utilizing OnBoard's Zoom Integration (Join Zoom)

Read below to learn how clicking or tapping on the Join RemoteJoin Teamsor Join Zoom button will launch your remote meeting. 

Join Remote or Join Teams Buttons

The Join Remote and Join Teams buttons will both open your remote meeting in a separate tab or window. 

Meetings using the Join Remote button have been manually configured and will open any remote meeting link that has been input by the meeting organizer. This can be found on the Meeting List or within the details of the meeting. 


Meetings using the Join Teams button have been configured with OnBoard's Teams Integration and will open a Microsoft Teams meeting.


To join the meeting, click or tap on the Join Remote/Join Teams button to launch your remote meeting directly from OnBoard.


Join Zoom Button

Your meeting organizers can also use OnBoard's Zoom Integration to run your remote meeting. This will provide some different options for connecting with your meeting remotely.

When it comes time to join the Zoom conference during the meeting, simply locate the meeting you wish to join and click its Join Zoom button. This can be found on the main Meeting List just below the Meeting's title or in the details of your meeting.


Selecting the Join Zoom button will provide two options: Join Using Zoom and Join In OnBoard.

Join Using Zoom

Selecting Join Using Zoom will open up the native version of Zoom. It will open in a separate tab and window.


Using Join Using Zoom will provide you with all functionality the Zoom offers.

If you'd like to view the meeting materials in OnBoard while viewing Zoom you can utilize split-screen, dual screens, or multiple devices. Review our OnBoard + Zoom: What are my options? article for more information. 

Join In OnBoard

Selecting Join in OnBoard will open up a Zoom window inside the OnBoard portal.

A window will appear in the bottom corner of the screen, showing you the presentation of the Zoom meeting, or the current speaker.


Hover over the window to see all available actions. Here's a quick overview of the actions available in the Zoom window within your OnBoard meeting:


This window can be moved about your screen by clicking and dragging the handle near the bottom of the Zoom window.


The window can be enlarged to full screen by clicking the arrows in the bottom left corner. Expanding to full screen will provide access to a few more of Zoom's features.


Not all of Zoom's functionality is available in OnBoard. The full screen functions you'll see are described below:


Clicking the small carat next to the Mute and Camera toggles will allow you to change your Audio and Video options for the Zoom Meeting.


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