Viewing Meeting Minutes

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Eric Biddle
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Viewing Available Meeting Minutes

Viewing from the Meeting:

As a Meeting Attendee, you'll be able to see any Meeting Minutes created by the Meeting's Admin by navigating directly to the meeting from the Meeting List. Click View Minutes to open up the view available to your permission level for the Meeting Minutes.


If your Admin has given you the ability to export/download items from the meeting, you'll see the Options menu available shown in the screenshot above. This can be used to download a copy of the meeting minutes for your records.

Viewing from the Resource Library:

Depending on how your Administrator chooses to organize available meeting minutes created from the Meeting Minute Tool inside OnBoard, you may also be able to view them from the Resource Library. Navigate to Resources from the main navigation and select the folder your Administrator has indicated. (The name and location of this folder will likely be different for each organization).



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