[All Users] How long before I'm automatically logged out of OnBoard? [Timeout]

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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The answer to this frequent question will depend on which platform you're using.


Web App

OnBoard users will be logged out of their account out on the web browser when the following happens:

  • After 3 hours of user inactivity when OnBoard is open and the currently displayed browser tab
  • The user manually logs out

OnBoard users will remain logged in on the web browser, but will be redirected to the organization selection page when the following happens:

  • After 1 hour, when OnBoard is in an inactive browser tab
  • When the browser tab is closed but the browser window(s) remain open
  • All web browser windows are closed

Mobile App

After logging in on the iOS or Android app, the user will be asked if they would like to "Trust this Device".
  • If Trusted:
    • User should remain signed in on this device for up to 120 days of inactivity (120 day timeout)
  • If not:
    • User should remain signed in for up to 60 minutes of inactivity (60 min timeout)
Here, “inactivity” means having left the app (locked the device or minimized / closed the app).
Users can sign out manually, or may be signed out via Remote Wipe or Idle wipe, or by having deleted the app.

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