[All Users] How do I change or reset my OnBoard Account Password?

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
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Changing your own account password can happen in two different circumstances: either while you're logged into your account, or if you've forgotten the password and need to get it changed while not logged in.


Resetting a Forgotten Password (Not currently logged in):

This can be resolved directly from the login page by clicking the Forgot Password link. 


Next. key in your OnBoard ID email address and click Reset Password.


You'll get an email at this address from OnBoard with more instructions on how to complete the password reset process.

Changing your Password (While already logged in):

While logged into the web version of OnBoard click on your name or profile in the bottom left corner of the left navigation then select Profile.


Switch over to the Settings Tab, then click Change Password.


You'll then be prompted to enter your current password and create and confirm a new password.  Once you click the Submit button your new password will be used to log in to OnBoard!


It is recommended to log in manually with this password again and save the password if you're prompted to avoid logging in with an older password.


Still need help? Contact Passageways Technical Support by emailing help@onboardmeetings.com.

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