Troubleshooting: Not receiving any emails from OnBoard

Brian Bauer
Brian Bauer
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OnBoard sends multiple different types of emails out to users: 

  • Authentication Email 
  • Organization Invitation Email 
  • Announcements Emails 
  • Resource Emails   

Private email domains tend to have more aggressive firewalls and spam filters than Gmail or other free webmail providers. Sometimes, these network firewalls can block your emails from OnBoard. 

If you have trouble receiving OnBoard emails, you can add OnBoard’s email domains to your organization’s allowlist.  

What is allowlisting? 

Allowlisting (other providers may refer to it as “whitelisting”) is a process that grants permission to deliver emails to a specific email address, domain, or network. The process varies by organization and email clients. For example, if your organization has a private email server, they can allowlist delivery IP addresses through an email client, or they can allowlist traffic through a domain firewall. 

How can I allowlist OnBoard emails? 

OnBoard sends notifications from: 

Also, our OnBoard team sends out emails from the domain, e.g.

If these emails are blocked by your email system or spam filter, an IT professional at your organization will need to change the configuration of the receiving email server to accept mail from OnBoard.  

Ask your IT professional to allow communications from the following domains: 


Once this is done, it will hopefully prevent future delivery problems. Please see this article for the full list of sites to allow through your firewall.

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