OnBoard Release v3.4.0 - August 6, 2021

Alex Tavares
Alex Tavares
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On August 6, 2021, we released an update to OnBoard that added several new features and improvements to the platform, as well as maintenance and security updates.

Release Video:


  • Agenda Sections - Added Support for Supplementary materials
    • Added the ability to attach documents to agenda sections that do not appear on the board book. Giving admins and contributors the ability to attach supplementary materials to agenda sections. 

  • Agenda Sections - Documents on Unnumbered Agenda Section
    • Unnumbered agenda sections can now have documents attached to them. Including supplementary materials. 

  • Calendar View - Enhancements
    • Added upcoming/past meetings filters.
    • Collapsed Calendar panel by default to clean up view.
    • Added sticky month headers.
    • Added "Today" line.
    • Added space at the end of the meeting list.
    • Improved the overall sizing of various elements.

  • Directory - Improved User Invite Process 
    • Improved the user invitation process with the ability to add a custom message with an invitation, clearer directory statuses, and improved action menus.

  • Groups - Ability to update Groups membership via CSV 
    • Group admins can now streamline the addition and removal of members in their groups via a CSV upload process.
  • Meeting Minutes Improvements
    • Updated the sorting of the attendance column to be vertical by the last name.
    • Added ability to include a description when adding a task.
    • Added option to permanently delete a task upon task block deletion.
    • Added a scroll to on addition of a new minutes block.

  • Tasks Improvements 
    • Tasks participants can now attach documents to tasks.
    • Task descriptions can now utilize rich text editing - allowing ordered and bulleted lists, text formatting, and improved hyperlink support.


  • Agenda Sections - Start Time Field Depreciation
    • The “What time should this section begin?” field is being removed from all new meetings and duplicated meetings.
    • Users should utilize the “Duration” field in combination with the Meeting Start Time to display Agenda Section Start Times.

  • Agenda Sections - Excluded Agenda Section Visibility
    • Users excluded from Agenda Sections will now see a placeholder Agenda Section Block labeled “Agenda Section Excluded.” This will display on the Meeting Details page, Book, Table of Contents, and downloaded materials.                     

The following fixes were deployed with this release:

  • Actions:
    • Annotations panel should no longer appear in Actions.
    • Long Group permission names should now be truncated properly.

  • Board Book Viewer:
    • Comment Annotations can now be expanded to view in an Archived Meeting.
    • Table of Contents - Removed Table of Content items should no longer show when the book is first opened.

  • Calendar:
    • Doing a search should no longer cause meetings to disappear if there are no matching results.
    • “End of Meeting list” should no longer appear before Upcoming Meetings are loaded.
    • The 'Today" button should no longer have an offset when Meetings are still loading.

  • Dashboard:
    • Organizations with OB Core Only licenses should now be able to edit Title & Configuration.

  • Directory:
    • CSV Import validation will now catch typos in Organization status/Role and no longer default to Member.
    • CSV Import Users confirmation screen should now have more accurate information.
    • Email addresses should no longer overflow into the Permission column.
    • The Prefix field has been changed to Salutation and has been made into a text input. CSV imports should now update the field successfully.
    • Roles in the Directory should no longer be clipped in certain resolutions.
    • Search should now filter properly immediately following a User CSV import.
    • Updates to Bulk Actions Permissions and Error Messaging.
    • Users should no longer have duplicate profiles created in an Organization in some rare cases.

  • eSignatures:
    • Documents should no longer be clickable in documents' whitespace.

  • Meetings:
    • Agenda Compose - All subsections of an Unnumbered Agenda Section should now be changed to Unnumbered as well.
    • Agenda Sections - Contributors should no longer receive an error when attempting to link an Action item to which they lack Administrator permissions. 
    • Agenda Sections - JSON Parsing error should no longer occur in Agenda Sections.
    • Agenda Time Management - Updated process for excluded sections and the Pacer line.
    • Analytics - The analytics option should no longer reactivate after each release and suite update when Admins request this to be disabled.
    • Book Build Failed prompt should no longer have a display issue.
    • Long Group names should now be truncated properly on Meeting Details and Tooltips.
    • Minutes - Cleaned up behavior when the user is moving blocks around Meeting Minutes.
    • Remote Meeting Details - Notify Invitee of Change prompt added to Remote Details when Meeting Briefs are enabled.

  • Resources:
    • Long Group permission names should now be truncated properly.

  • Tasks:
    • Unsaved changes prompt should no longer display when changes have not been made.


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