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Jenni Washington
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Documents must be downloaded first and then members can print them out. Downloading is enabled by default unless you have changed that under Dashboard>Organization Info.

When accessing OnBoard from a browser:

  • A full download of the meeting packet can be done from the meeting details view. Click “Downloads” and choose either “Book” or “Book with Annotations”. Once the PDF is downloaded, it can be printed (in full, or select pages).
  • Individual documents within the meeting can be downloaded. This can be done either from the meeting details view by expanding the agenda and clicking the download 'cloud' icon to the right of the document. Also, when in “Open Book” view, a user can expand the agenda sections to see and use the same download icons.
  • To download and print a document in Resources, the user will view the document. Navigate to the top right and click on the cloud icon. An admin of the folder will see and click the 3 dots and select "Download" from the drop-down menu.

When accessing OnBoard from the app:

  • A full download of the meeting packet can be done while in “Open Book” view using the icon in the top-right next to “Close Book” (icon differs between iOS and Android). 
  • That same icon is present when viewing a document in Resources and can be used to download and print



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