OnBoard Cumulative Release v3.6.2-3.7.0 - October 21, 2021

Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
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On October 21, 2021, we released several updates to OnBoard that added maintenance and security updates to the platform as well as some new enhancements and features.



  • The Calendar view interface was updated with new enhancements.


  • The new Calendar Integration feature has been added to OnBoard. To find out more about this feature, please take a look at the Calendar Integration article!
  • Calendar events can now be linked to a Meeting and sent to Attendees.
  • A two-way sync between Linked Calendar details and OnBoard Meeting details has been added.


Meeting Brief

  • Meetings with a linked Calendar should no longer include the RSVP block in Meeting Brief emails.


  • Accepted RSVP responses should be reset if there are changes to the Meeting's date or address.
  • Meeting Attendees should now have a "Download Calendar" button in the Meeting Details panel.



The following fixes were deployed with this release: 


  • Users should no longer receive a “Permission Denied” error when accessing Actions or Approvals.


  • Groups - Scrolling has been updated in the Manage Group Members flyout in the Directory.


  • Users should no longer be able to drag uploading files into Supplementary Files until the file upload has been completed.

Meeting Minutes

  • Creating an Approval from the Meeting Minutes should longer cause a “Permission Denied” error.
  • Links to older Meeting Minutes documents in an Approval should no longer cause a “Permission Denied” error.


  • Scrolling has been updated in Messenger.


  • Scrolling has been updated in the permission flyouts in Resources.

Zoom Integration

  • Zoom Integration was updated to meet Zoom’s newest requirements.

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