Creating and Participating in D&O Questionnaires

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OnBoard's D&O Questionnaire solution supports your ongoing compliance with functionality that includes pre-filling of data, eSignature submissions, and more—all with the security and familiarity that comes with the platform.

This article will cover everything you need to know to get up and running with your questionnaires. 

Creating New Questionnaires

Start by clicking "Actions" in the left navigation, then click on "Create New" at the top right corner of the page.


Here you can choose "Questionnaire" and then click "Create Questionnaire."


Begin filling out the Questionnaire's basic details such as Title, Due Date, Description & Instructions. If you wish to capture an electronic signature with this Action, those options can be enabled here as well. Use the box at the bottom to upload any supporting documentation, and be sure to click Save Changes for this panel when you're ready to continue. 


Managing Questionnaire Permissions

Move down to the next panel, where we will be able to choose who can participate in this Questionnaire and click "Manage."


Begin selecting the members (or groups) with the + icon out to the right side. Doing so will give the user the Respondent permission, meaning they will be able to participate in answering the questions in this action.


If a user needs additional permissions, you can click the blue "Respondent" permission name and select different permission from the list. Be sure to click Save when you're finished making changes. 


The permissions available for Questionnaires are:

Admin - Able to make changes to the nature of the questionnaire, its permission list, and move it through its lifecycle. This user will NOT be able to answer the questions.

Respondent - This user's sole responsibility will be to answer the questions provided in this questionnaire. They will not have any ability to make changes to questions or permissions.

Admin & Respondent - This user will be able to perform the responsibilities of both roles. They can make changes to the action, as well as participate in answering the questions. 

Exclude - This permission is only used in conjunction with Group permissions. As a group is given access to this action, individual users may be excluded from that permission by using Exclude.

Creating Questionnaire Questions

The lower panel of the screen will be used to create questions, participate in the questionnaire (once it has been opened), and to monitor the completion status. To begin creating questions locate the blue Create Questions button and give it a click.


Here you'll be able to add questions and build your Questionnaire.


Clicking +Add New Question will be how new questions are created and added to our overall list of questions.

The +Add New Header button can be used for category separators between questions.

Use the Up/Down and Delete buttons to reorganize the list of questions or remove them entirely. 

After clicking to add a new question, a side panel will appear to the right. Use this panel to configure the details of your question.


Choose a question Type, such as Checkboxes, True/False, etc. Type your question's text and answer choice options. You can also flag this question as being required, which means submissions cannot be completed until this question has been answered. Many answers also allow a write-in response option, which will let users add their own option if you'd like to allow this.

Be sure to click "Save Changes" when you have finished creating this question!

Prefilling Respondent Answers (Only Available in Draft Mode)

Some organizations prefer to make the questionnaire process as easy as possible for their respondents by pre-filling some of the answer choices for them. This step can only be done while the Questionnaire is in Draft Mode. At the bottom of the details page, locate the status column and click the context menu next to any person's name you wish to prefill answers. Once the questionnaire opens, each user will be able to overwrite any prefilled answer before submitting their response. 


When duplicating a Questionnaire, the Respondents' answers will carry over to the duplicated Questionnaire as prefilled answers. Admins can edit the answers in the duplicated Questionnaire while it is in Draft mode. Learn more about Duplicating Questionnaires at the end of this article. 

Opening the Questionnaire for Responses

When all of the questions have been created, permissions have been configured, and any prefilled answers set, it's time to mark the questionnaire as Open. In the Open status, our respondents will be able to start filling out the questions and submitting answers for review. 


Once you click "Open" you'll be presented with a prompt to be sure you want to make the Questionnaire live by making it open, since this step can't be undone.


During the Opening process, you'll be given the opportunity to customize an alert message to the participants of this questionnaire.


Monitoring / Reviewing Responses

Near the bottom of the Questionnaire details screen, Administrators will be able to monitor the status of participation, issue reminders, and review answer submissions.


The progress indicator marks represent the following: 

In Progress - Partially finished. The user has answered some of the questions, but not yet clicked the Submit button.

Submitted - The user has finished answering the questions and the submission is ready for review. 

Reviewed - The Admin has indicated the answers have been looked over. 


When using the context (three-dot) menu on a user who has submitted their results, you'll be able to mark their answers as reviewed or return their submitted answers back to an In Progress status, allowing changes to be made and re-submitted. 


Sending a Questionnaire Reminder

You can send a Reminder to users by clicking on "Send Reminder" in the top Questionnaire status panel.


Next, you'll be able to choose if the reminder goes out to all participants on the Questionnaire or to only those who have not yet submitted their answers. You can also choose to send a reminder to respondents and include a custom message.


Answering Questionnaire Questions

Anyone who has been given the Respondent permission to this questionnaire will be able to navigate into Actions and see any actions they need to complete under the "Awaiting Your Response" area, or they can filter the page by Questionnaires and open the desired Questionnaire. 


From here, simply locate the button to begin answering questions, fill out your answers, and click submit when you are finished. You do not have to answer every question all at once. You can navigate away from this page and return later to continue. 


Once you're finished you can just click "Submit Response" to send in your completed answers!


Closing the Questionnaire

Similar to how the questionnaire was opened, it can be closed by switching the status dropdown menu from Open to Closed. 


Once you select to close, you'll be prompted to be sure you want to Close the Questionnaire. 


If you decide to click "Close Questionnaire" you'll also be given the option to notify the participants on the Questionnaire that it is now closed and no more responses can be submitted.


Important Note - When in the Closed status, no more questions can be answered and the Questionnaire cannot be reopened.

Exporting the Questionnaire Results

The Questionnaires' Admins have the ability to export Questionnaire results by clicking "Export Submissions." 


When downloading the results you'll have the option to export as an aggregated Excel file, or as a .ZIP file with separate PDF documents.


Duplicating a Previous Questionnaire

Questionnaire Admins and Respondents can save time creating and responding to the next questionnaire by duplicating a previous questionnaire.

To duplicate a questionnaire, locate the questionnaire in your Actions list. Click on the 3-dotted menu to the right of the questionnaire and select the Duplicate option.


Duplicating a questionnaire will create a copy of the questionnaire in Draft status. The following components of your previous questionnaire will be duplicated:

  • Questionnaire Title (with the text " - Copy" added)
  • Questionnaire Description
  • Questionnaire Permissions
  • Questionnaire Questions
  • Questionnaire Responses

Once duplicated, you can edit the details, permissions, questions, and use the pre-fill feature to edit responses as necessary. Once ready, open the new questionnaire to your respondents. 

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