Onboard 2.6.3 Release Notes - October 19th, 2018

Aaron Jozwiak
Aaron Jozwiak
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Passageways is releasing OnBoard 2.6.3 on October 19th, with a series of new Features and Updates to OnBoard.  For an overview, please watch our release video


All users must update their OnBoard apps for continued functionality.

Please Note:

For the next several releases while we migrate OnBoard to a new platform, there will unfortunately be no opt-in period where you will be able to select when to upgrade your organization. For most of the changes you will notice no difference in capabilities with a few minor enhancements to make things even easier to use, so there will likely be no training required.


Updates for All OnBoard Packages

  • Third-Party Authentication: With this release, users who access OnBoard through their Google or Microsoft accounts must update their OnBoard mobile application to continue accessing OnBoard with those accounts. The Yahoo third-party authentication method will be retired and no longer available. Users who currently use Yahoo to log in to OnBoard will need to either use their OnBoard ID or one of the remaining third-party authentications (Google & Microsoft).
    • Please refer users to the following articles for steps on establishing links for using Google or Microsoft
  • Directory Improvements: To streamline how administrators invite, assign permissions, and interact with their users, we've consolidated several aspects of OnBoard into the directory tab. Now from the directory tab, administrators can manage user permissions, invite new users, reset passwords, and see the account status of every OnBoard account within their organization.
  • New User Invitation Workflow: Within the directory tab, when an administrator adds a new user to their organization, OnBoard now automatically creates an account and provides the administrator a temporary password to send to the end user. After logging in for the first time, the user will now be prompted to create their own password. Consequently, emails will no longer be automatically sent to new OnBoard users.
  • Action Improvements: We've given administrators additional control over what information is displayed to users for Approvals and administrators will now receive a notification when all eSignatures on a document have been entered.
  • Redesigned Login Experience: We've redesigned the user login experience for the OnBoard Web App to make the entire processes more intuitive
  • Meeting Enhancements: We've updated the way some information is displayed for meetings, including displaying an end date within the table of content and added the ability to create line breaks in the meeting address field


Feature Enhancments

  • Voting Percentages are now a configurable setting on Approvals. They can be set to only be seen by admins or be seen by admins and voters.
  • The Date of Birth can be removed from user profiles
  • Admins of an eSignature will receive notifications when the last signature has been made
  • Table of Contents will now display the end date/ time
  • Meeting Address field will now display line breaks
  • The Calendar is now in full parity across all OnBoard apps.
    • On Calendar, it will display all visible meetings for the day you look at it and all future visible meetings
    • Past meetings will now show all visible meetings that have occurred prior to the day you click on calendar, as well all visible archived meetings.
      • Archived meetings at this time do not have any special indicators
      • We are actively working on designs to easily identify Archived Meetings


Feature Deactivation

  • The OnBoard Connect for Office tool will be deactivated on October 19th, and will be undergoing a series of enhancements and improvements.   Please stay in contact with your Customer Success Manager to keep up to date on it's return!

Bug Fixes

  • Survey questions are no longer displayed as delete-able when the survey is open
  • Engagement reports will display with the org’s configured time zone instead of defaulting to UTC
  • Resource Search no longer circumvents permissions
  • Users in multiple Organizations can no longer move resources between organizations
  • Groups are now separated with commas in meeting details
  • Agenda Configuration will now display the proper preview in Organization Info Settings
  • Organization Name no longer cuts off in the Organization Selection screen
  • Profile data saving more consistently
  • You can no longer be invited to an Organization and accept the invite with another OnBoard ID
  • eSignatures will now save in their configured Folder Path
  • eSignature permissions can now be modified by Global Admins
  • When editing a sent announcement, the text field will expand to fit all of the displayed text
  • Can now add clickable URL’s to the Organization Info Website field
  • Permissions list view will display properly when viewing at less than 100% browser view


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