OnBoard Mobile Apps Release October 6, 2018

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Aaron Jozwiak
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Passageways is upgrading the infrastructure that handles user logins to OnBoard.  This upgrade will impact the users of third-party logins (Yahoo, Microsoft, Google), and in an effort to minimize any trouble for our customers, we'll be releasing two updates for our Mobile applications.  The first update will be on Oct. 6th, 2018 and the second will be on Oct. 19th, 2018.  This article covers what will happen with the first release.


On Oct. 6th, 2018 we will release to the respective app stores version 2.6.2, which will not change anything inside the OnBoard App.   Users will see a pop up when they click to use Google, Microsoft, and/or Yahoo to login to the OnBoard App.   The third-party authentication options will still be functional (under our current infrastructure) until October 18th, 2018.   


On October 19th, Users will need to update to version 2.6.3, to utilize third-party authentications and our upgraded infrastructure, with one exception.   The Yahoo third-party authentication method will be retired and no longer available.   Users who currently use Yahoo will need to either use their OnBoard ID or one of the remaining third-party authentications (Google, Microsoft).

Please consult this article on how to link your third-party authentication again.


The screen shots below show what Users will see when the click on Third-Party Authentication to login to OnBoard.










If you would like to use your OnBoard ID instead of a third-party authentication method, that will continue to work without issue.   In case you've forgotten your OnBoard ID or would like to un-link your third-party authentication, here are the steps:

  • Login into OnBoard (using your third-party authentication)
  • Click on your User Profile Icon (it will be either your initials in a circle on the left or an image)Profile.png
  • This will bring you to your User ProfileUser_ID.png
  • Your email is your OnBoard ID
  • You can also click on the buttons that have "UnLink Google/Microsoft/Yahoo" to break the link to your existing third-party authentication.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or our Technical Support team.

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