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OnBoard’s Intelligent Assistant is your personal assistant in OnBoard!

Powered by Microsoft's Azure AI Service within OnBoard’s secure environment, it is available on both web and OnBoard's iOS phone and tablet apps.

Have it review and summarize documents, draft emails, and provide insights about your organization. Ask it any question, and it will do its best to provide you an informed response. 

Review the article below to learn how to access and utilize the assistant. 

Ask the Assistant Any Question

Start by locating the Intelligent Assistant icon. Its default position is the bottom right of the screen, but you can drag and drop to relocate it to your preferred corner of the screen.

Click or tap the icon to open the Intelligent Assistant chat window.

2024-04-29_09-10-02 (1).gif

You can ask the Intelligent Assistant any question and it will do its best to provide you with an answer.

For example, “What is the average term length for a chair of an Audit Committee?”

Or ask it to complete a task, for example: "Draft a welcome email for our newly appointed Board Member."


If you'd like to refine the response, give the assistant prompts such as "make more casual", "more descriptive," "make it shorter," etc.


Continue the conversation by asking the Intelligent Assistant follow up questions, or providing it tasks.

If you’d like to help improve the Intelligent Assistant, you can rate the response. For answers that are helpful, select the thumbs up. If the response does not help, select the thumbs down.


When the topic of your conversation changes, you’ll need to reset the conversation to change the context.

Select the three-dotted menu on the top right of the Intelligent Assistant chat window, and select reset conversation.


Analyze Meeting and Resource Documents

The Intelligent Assistant will have access to individual meeting and resource documents.

When viewing a resource document, an agenda section document, or a document within your meeting book, you can use the “Learn about what the assistant has access to” dropdown to confirm that the Intelligent Assistant can read the document.


Note: The Intelligent Assistant only has access to individual documents and cannot review the entire meeting book.

You can ask the Intelligent Assistant any questions about the document.

For example, “What action items are outlined in this document?”


Some common prompts will be available at the bottom of the Intelligent Assistant chat window:

  • Summarize Document
  • Identify Key Risks
  • Strategic Insights
  • Generate Presentation Notes
  • Promote Discussion

Click (or tap) and drag the prompts to reveal them all and select the prompt to have the Intelligent Assistant provide you feedback.

AI prompt gifmp4 (1).gif

You can also access these prompts by selecting the three-dotted menu next to a document, and selecting the Intelligent Assistant icon.


On OnBoard's iOS phone and tablet apps, you can access the common prompts via the Intelligent Assistant icon on the top of the Meeting Book or Resource document. 


Intelligent Assistant Options

Select the three-dotted menu on the top right of the chat window to access the settings. 

Auto Read-Aloud Mode

Auto Read-Aloud Mode will read Intelligent Assistant's responses out loud through your devices speakers. 

Select Enable Auto-Read Aloud to enable, and select Disable Auto-Read Aloud to disable. 


When enabled, if you want to stop the audio playback, select the Speaker Icon or select the three-dotted menu on the response and select Stop. 


Welcome Message

Select Welcome Message  to bring up the Welcome Message for review. 


Hide Intelligent Assistant

If you'd like to hide the Intelligent Assistant icon, select Hide Intelligent Assistant. The icon will disappear from your screen.

To bring the Intelligent Assistant back, select your name or image on the bottom-left of the screen and select Show Intelligent Assistant.

2024-04-29_12-11-30 (2).gif


On the iOS phone and tablet app, you can also long press the Intelligent Assistant icon to quickly hide the Intelligent Assistant. 


Reset Conversation

To reset the context of your conversation with the Intelligent Assistant, use Reset Conversation. 



To copy the text of your prompt, select the Copy Icon.

To copy a response from the Intelligent Assistant, select the three-dotted menu on the response and select Copy Response. 


Organization Admins - Enabling/Disabling Intelligent Assistant

Organization Admins can enable or disable the Intelligent Assistant for all members of an organization. In the Organization Settings select the Feature tab, scroll down to the Intelligent Assistant section and toggle the Intelligent Assistant on or off. 


AI Security

At OnBoard, your trust is a responsibility we take seriously. With OnBoard Intelligent Assistant, powered by Microsoft Azure, we ensure that your data remains confidential, as questions and responses are not used to train future AI models, safeguarding your organization's communication and data privacy. 

Our stringent adherence to access controls means that users only access information they have permission to view, while our industry-leading compliance standards, including SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, offer added assurance for your governance processes. 

If you have any questions about how OnBoard utilizes Microsoft's Azure AI Service review the Microsoft's article on Data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service.

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