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The OnBoard Global Admin account is a secure solution to permission anomalies and activity reports within your Organization.

With this account, your Organization will be able to manage permissions and run engagement and event reports that can help correct any situation that may arise regarding access to Meetings, Groups, Resources, and Actions.

The Global Admin account:

  • The Global Admin requires a separate OnBoard account login and email address.
  • Does NOT count as a user license and does NOT exist within the User List.
  • Does NOT have the ability to create, delete, or view OnBoard content.
  • CAN see the name and permissions on any item that has been created within your OnBoard Organization, regardless of the permissions set to it. (Meetings, Groups, Resource Folders, Actions, etc.) 
  • Can NOT change profile information or invite users to OnBoard. (Contact Information, Name, Bio, etc.)
  • CAN modify the permissions to any item that has been created within your OnBoard Organization, regardless of the permissions set to it.
    • Caveat: Even though the Global Admin CAN see any Meeting and edit its permissions, they can NOT see the meeting's agenda or board book documents. The same is true for Resource Documents. None of these documents will be able to be opened by the Global Admin.


Here’s an example of when it may be necessary for a Global Admin to manage permissions:

Our lead Administrator is suddenly out sick, and the rest of the team might need to make changes to a meeting agenda while they're away. Since that user is not currently reachable, no one has the ability to make those necessary changes. The Global Admin can help recover and reassign access in those situations.


A Global Admin could be necessary to run reports in the following example:

An Administrator accidentally uploaded a confidential file to a Resource folder. While they quickly realized their mistake and removed the document within a few minutes, their organization wants to be sure that it had not been downloaded by any board members.  They can use the Global Administrator to run a Resource Downloads report to verify this.


Requesting a Global Admin account

A Global Administrator has a very high level of access and will require authorization before OnBoard Support can convert an account to a Global Admin. Please keep in mind that this feature is limited to the OnBoard legacy Productivity Suite, and the Premium & Ultimate Packages.


To get started, please follow the steps below.

  1. Choose an email address to use for the Global Admin account.
    • This MUST be a different email address than your main OnBoard account. You may need IT to create a separate email address to use, such as, as it is NOT recommended to use a personal email address.

  2. Invite the account and set the Role to Administrator.

  3. Log in and accept the invitation to activate the account.

  4. Approval must come from an Executive (CEO/CIO/CTO/President/etc.) authorizing the activation due to the level of permissions and access. 

For security purposes, the above information is necessary to confirm the appropriate user is given the Global Admin permission.

Once you have that information, you can reach out to OnBoard Support in the following ways:


Using the Global Admin account

Here's what the Global Admin's view looks like: They're restricted to Permission Changes and Reports only.


Managing Permissions

As a Global Administrator, you will be able to edit permissions on nearly every item in your Organization. The most common use for this ability is adding an Administrator to an item to restore access in cases where an Admin  To edit permissions, you'll go to the Permissions tab in the left navigation. From here, you'll choose an Object Type from the dropdown and choose the Min and Max Dates to specify a time range for your objects. You can then click the "Manage Permissions" button. 


After this, you'll be able to set Member or Group permissions and Save your changes.


The object types that you can select include Groups, Meetings, Resources, Approvals, Surveys, Board Assessments, Questionnaires, and eSignatures. 

Resources, Approvals, Surveys, Board Assessments, Questionnaires, and eSignatures will have additional filters available to help narrow your results.


The Action object types (Approvals, Surveys, Board Assessments, Questionnaires, and eSignatures) will have an "Action State" filter to display All, Draft, Open, Closed, and Finalized in the case of Approvals. Resources will allow you to select the Resource types, including Folders, Links, YouTube links, Images, Word Documents, Excel Documents, PowerPoint Documents, and PDF Documents.  

Running Engagement Reports

With the Global Administrator account, your Organization can also run reports on your user's engagement and interaction with OnBoard. This can be very helpful in finding when users may have accessed specific files or when an Admin may have edited a meeting or document.

Reports can be accessed by clicking on Reports in the left navigation.


To find out more about the reports that can be run by a Global Administrator, please see Article: How to Pull Security/Engagement Reports (Global Admin ONLY)

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